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Clone A Willy

Have you ever wanted to get intimate with your partner but can't due to physical limitations or distance? Do you want to give your partner a gift that they will never be without, even when you are not around?

Never feel alone again with a Clone A Willy kit. Clone a Willy kits help to create a penis mould, dildo, or vibrator replica using the actual physical measurements of a real penis. The Clone a Willy collection provides custom options for individuals of all skin tones, helping to maximize realism and ultimately, pleasure for all who are involved in the process of making and using the mould itself.

Clone A Willy kits require men to use their own penis while hard to create and make an exact replica and mold of their dick for partners who just can't seem to get enough of their man. Using a Clone A Willy kit is a way to help spruce up a relationship and also provide additional ways for couples to remain intimate with one another, even when they are apart.

Clone A Willy gives you the highly personalized experience you want in a sex toy. You'll have almost as much fun making your own lifelike penis with this medically tested gel kit as you do actually using it. Everything you need is included so that you can enjoy hours of vibrating pleasure. Made in the USA, the Clone A Willy is perfect for spicing up the bedroom with your partner or adding a new twist to your own solo fun.