Bye Bra

Say goodbye to bras with uncomfortable underwire, straps that dig in, and push-up cups that don't really push up at all, and say hello to Bye Bra, a revolutionary line of specialty bras, panties, and accessories.

From adhesive tape that provides an impressive lift and concealing nipple covers to invisible strapless push up bra cups and even adhesive g-string panties, the Bye Bra collection truly has something for every woman. For those women who avoid wearing styles with plunging necklines or low backs, Bye Bra has created innovative items that solve that problem. Not only that, but they are comfortable to wear too!

There are simple nude-colored adhesive pads for those tops when just a little extra security is needed, as well as adhesive lifting strapless padded Gala bras that offer shaping even in the skimpiest dresses. Bye Bra also makes a variety of panties, including invisible g-strings and thongs, and padded bikini and high-waist styles that offer shaping and lift. For those outfits when nothing at all can be worn underneath, check out the variety of adhesive nipples covers, dress tape, and strips. All of the items in Bye Bra's collection are nude-colored or black to be as discreet and invisible as possible, many are reusable, and there are a variety of sizes appropriate for women of all shapes.

Every woman wants a bra that not only is comfortable to wear but also enhances her curves, no matter what size they may be. The Bye Bra brand offers an incredible selection of bras and pads that will lift and shape you in the most natural ways. From protective and concealing nipple covers to avoid showing off too much to cleavage tape cups that allow you to push your assets up and out without having to deal with bra straps, the brand has everything. As you explore Bye Bra, you will find out why they have such a following from women around the world.