Boy Butter

Enjoy the best hot, uninhibited sex that you've ever had with Boy Butter. This is the personal lube that you've been looking for because it's designed to maximize the pleasure of erotic foreplay and it allows you to slip into your favorite positions, including anal pleasure.

Boy Butter is totally natural and designed to enhance the sensation of the sexual arts. It's crafted with coconut oil, the finest organic silicone, plus aloe and vitamin E; it's free of all chemical irritants because only the best will do for you and your partner. Lather on the butter lavishly tonight for orgasmic delight and treat your lover right!

Boy Butter is churned like butter (ah, churning!) to create a water-soluble lubricant. Savor every sensation and extend your passion all night. Then Boy Butter washes off easily with water.

You love options and Boy Butter has them! Pleasuring your partner should be accomplished as naturally as possible. Coconut oil combined with organic silicone is churned like butter to produce a long lasting water-soluble lubricant. Aloe and Vitamin E are added to ensure delicate skin remains healthy. Free of chemical irritants, Boy Butter lasts and washes off with water. Turn those moans into powerful screams tonight!