If you are in the market for a good vibrator or massager, you might want to consider the Bodywand. It's basically the classic of all the sex toy massagers, dating back to 1968. The device has been found on the shelves of drugstores for decades but now they have gotten higher tech with cordless, rechargeable, and waterproof features--bonus points for not having to go to the drugstore to pick one up!

Sure, this massager works great to rub out a shoulder knot or a pain in the back, but it's highly effective for bringing clitoral orgasms because the vibration is more of a low, rumbling frequency with a larger motor.

Oftentimes, a vibrator operates with a high-frequency buzz that will almost numb the clitoris and leave the experience a little lack. The Bodywand is a great toy if you are prone to overstimulation of your clit and like a nice sensual rub around and on your clitoris. If having something inserted vaginally isn't your thing, you will really like the Bodywand, but it also works great as a couples toy or with something inserted in your pussy.

The Bodywand is pretty much the reliable classic of massager and clit stimulators. Now you can order it from the luxury of your home on one of the best sex toys shops, based in Singapore.

Bodywand specializes in giving women pleasure. Their two rechargeable massagers will excite the right places at a pace that you enjoy. The massagers feature a uniquely sized head that has ridges surrounding a smooth cap and an comfortable handle.