PowerBullet - Booty Beads 2 Anal Beads (Lavender)


Feel every beads vibrate as you use this sex toy! This toy can bend anyway, in any direction that suits your liking. It is one of the most flexible anal toy in the market thus far. Ideal for both man and woman, almost any parts of your body. With the flexibility, your creativity can totally come in and take charge. Do whatever you like to him, her or yourself! Comes with 2 setse of batteries to double the pleasure!  
Why have 1-Speed and 3-Speed?
Some toys intimidate first timers or casual users with its enormous power, so the 3-Speed was born to accommodate everyone. The 3-Speed at the push of a button it switches between low, medium, and high speeds. Beware: high speed can drive you crazy.  
The press and hold function is much more instinctive and you can appreciate it when you are on the verge of cumming insanely.  
Product Weight:  122 g
Diameter: 0.8 - 1.5 cm
Insertable length: 17.5 cm

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