Angela White

Angela White is one of the most popular performers today. Angela is from Sydney, Australia. She has blue eyes, is 5' 2" tall and weighs 120 lbs. Her bra size is 32 GG. Horoscope: Pisces. Birthday: March 4th.

Miss White has captured several awards for her realistic sexual performances. She was honored as “Model of the Year” in 2009. Angela is now a producer with her own production company, AGW Entertainment. She has performed with some of the most well-known names in the adult industry. This beautiful Australian lass is still going strong in both adult and mainstream entertainment, and shows no sign of slowing down. She recently did a photo shoot with the famous photographer Terry Richardson.

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Angela White hails from Sydney, Australia and she is 5’2”. She may be small but she packs a huge punch and she has won several awards for her realistic portrayal of acts in her work. She was also given Model of the Year in 2009. She is now a successful producer with her own production company called AGW Entertainment. She is both part of the adult world and the modeling world and she has made a huge name for herself. If you are looking for a great toy and a great adult star for it to be modeled after, this is certainly one that is going to make a huge impact on your collection. This is a great toy modeled after a truly stunning woman that is perfect for users of all skill level and of all collection level as well.