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You Want It Smooth - Top 5 Best Lubricant for Sex

  • 4 min read

You Want It Smooth - Top 5 Best Lubricant for Sex

Consider this everything you ever need to know about premium lubrication for couples or personal play. Do you know what is the single most common thing that is needed in your sexy time together? Lubricant, of course, and a little goes a long way. 

While we are at it, we are going to break a few myths. Too many people look at lubricant as a way to “fix” a sexual problem. Here is the thing. Using lubrication during sex does not mean there is a problem, it means that couples want to have the longest lasting sex without any abrasion or discomfort. Factors that could affect natural lubrication cross across all age groups and all types of couples. 

Sometimes it is a matter of not enough foreplay and arousal, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to get naughty right away. Other things that can affect vaginal lubrication include changes in hormones, contraception, medications, anxiety, and stress. All factors aside, a good lubricant can bring your partner and you on a long friction-less smooth ride. A little lube can go a long way, and if you use one of our “holy grail” of all lubes, you can’t go wrong, you will go allllll the way.

Let’s get down to it. You have 3 main types of lubricant to choose from:

  • Silicone based lube - These lubes tend to be the longest lasting, slickest, and thickest. They work great for water play, hand jobs, and anal penetration. If you have sex toys with silicone, you may want to steer clear because it will wear down the silicone on your sex toy.

  • Water-based personal lubrication - Water-based lubrication comes in gel, cream, or liquid. You won’t have to worry about stains or residue and they wash away easily. They are not very dense and can dry up faster; however, this is the best option when you are using a silicone sex toy. 

  • Hybrid personal lubricant- Hybrid lubes are growing in popularity with the blend of silicone and water formulas. They last as long as a silicone but they are not as thick as silicone based lube. They still are not recommended for silicone sex toys. 

Top Five Best Lubricant for Sex

  1. Uberlube- Silicone Lubricant Bottle 100ml

    Uberlube - Silicone Lubricant Bottle 100ml (Clear)

    Uberlube is a high-end silicone lube that has multiple uses. It may be a bit pricey but worth it due to the high quality ingredients and multiple uses. You get all the pleasure of a good silicone based lube and compatibility with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene. Uberlube makes sex better for everyone by reducing friction, not sensation. It is also long lasting, leaving no sticky residue. Not only is Uberlube sold on the shelves of Cherry Affairs but it is also used for styling and sports. Taming that hair or conditioning frizzy ends, Uberlube has got you covered. Uberlube also got your back when you are training hard to get those muscles, it provides long lasting chafe protection.


  2. Gun Oil - Silicone Lubricant 120ml

    Gun Oil - Silicone Lubricant 120 ml

    This is a thick lube that is very water resistant. Gun Oil Silicone lube is a 3-molecule blend of silicone, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera that provides longest lasting lubrication with moisturizing and healing properties. Gun Oil Silicone lube is very consistent and really sexy for water play in the shower, pool, or even beach--and it does not stain or dry out! Glycerin and paraben free too! Perfect for those who love to have a longer sexy time with your partner.


  3. ID Lube - ID Millennium Silicone Lubricant 

    ID Lube - Millennium Longest Lasting Silicone Lubricant

    The number one selling silicone based lubricant in the market. With just a few drops of ID Millennium, you are all good to go. Formulated with high quality silicone, ID Millennium is light weight and long lasting. It even remains its lubrication under water, bringing your sexy session out of your bed. ID Millennium can also be used as a massage gel, slide your hands all over your lover's body and let the lubricant glide you through. Available in 1oz, 2.2oz, 4.4oz, 8.5oz and 17oz.


  4. Sliquid - Silk Hybrid Naturals Lubricant Bottle (Lube)

    sliquid silk hybrid naturals Lubricant

    Formulated with all natural ingredients, Sliquid Silk Lubricant is a hybrid lubrication made of water, silicone, and emollients designed to feel like the real thing that is non drying and hypoallergenic. Formulated at a pH balanced (4.0 – 4.4 pH) level, Sliquid Silk is blended to enhance your body's own natural lubrication. Sliquid Silk Hybrid Lubricant is all that a water based lubricant can be, but with the longevity of a silicone lube. This one is a smooth ride that works great with just a little dab. Latex, rubber and plastic friendly. Perfect for those who finds 100% silicone based lubricant to be too oily and difficult to clean up. Sliquid Silk Hybrid blend is formulated just for you. Available in three sizes - 2oz, 4.2oz and 8.5oz.


  5. Wet - Elite Hybrid Personal Lubricant 1 oz (Lube)

    Wet - Elite Hybrid Personal Lubricant 1 oz (Lube)

    Wet is known for making some of the best water-based lubes on the market, but this is a hybrid of silicone and water. Wet Elite Lubricant is infused with their customized multi silicone blend for not only intercourse but foreplay and massage as well. It is non sticky and light weight. You get the longest lasting effects of the silkiness from silicone but it washes away easily and is latex safe. Available in 1oz bottle, perfect for travel.