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Where to Buy Sex Dolls in Singapore & Choosing A Sex Doll Brand

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Where to Buy Sex Dolls in Singapore & Choosing A Sex Doll Brand

Sex dolls provide a uniquely stimulating masturbation experience by replicating a woman's real anatomy. Some dolls are crafted to be life-size while others are miniaturized for convenience and discretion. There are many companies that produce adult pleasure dolls. Let's take a look at some of the brands featured here at our shop!


If you're looking for the ultimate life-size, realistic love doll companion, Pipedream is your brand. Each doll is made from the company's own Fanta Flesh, which gives unrivaled life-like touch across the doll's entire body. Known as Ultimate Fantasy Dolls, each girl features realistic hair, nails, and even eyelashes and brows. The internal skeleton means you can adjust and pose her just how you like. Meet Bianca, Carmen, Kitty, Mandy, and Mia!

This line is always expanding, with Pipedream constantly designing girls to fit every man's tastes. In their collection you can find a wide range of skin, hair, and eye colors as well as body shapes. For those interested in the fantasy doll feel without the space for a full-size model, Pipedream also makes torso and hip-style masturbators.


For those interested in creative detail in a small package, Kokos masturbators are the ideal choice. Mini dolls such as Erica feature intricate attention to detail in a toy that displays an entire fantasy scene in a convenient 28.5 cm length. Erica depicts a sexy young woman bound in the shibari bondage style, laid back and splayed for you to do whatever you please to her.

This masterful design carries over into Kokos' other products as well. Hera 3 is another mini doll with an out of this world design. Though only 38 cm long and 29 cm wide, Hera 3 features oral, vaginal, and anal openings each with their own unique internal textures. Kokos dolls are perfect for those looking for a real sex doll experience in a compact and easy to store form.

Maccos Japan

Fans of hentai and anime aesthetic love dolls will likely enjoy the doll designs from Maccos Japan. The torso dolls in their ViViDoll line feature real figure molding in the exaggerated style one expects from a tantalizing hentai design. ViViDoll girls come in a variety of shapes and sizes, too, each one offering a tight and intimately textured pussy and ass.

Ayaka is a popular model with huge, sexy breasts that are a joy to fondle and fuck. At the other end of the spectrum is the petite, small-breasted Moe model portraying a more innocent persona. The artwork that comes with either model helps to elicit the hentai fantasies that one desires from a great masturbator doll product.

We like to provide a variety of sex doll designs for all tastes. If you're interested in buying sex dolls in Singapore, we have you covered with fast and discreet delivery every time. Your lover delivered to your doorstep without you even stepping foot out of the house! Get a companion today!