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What To Do When He Doesn't Approve Of Your "Goodie Drawer"

  • 2 min read
The term “goodie drawer” was coined in an episode of Sex and The City where the four famous women (Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte and Carrie of course!) were talking about what they kept at their bedsides for a little sexual fun. They talked of having condoms there along with other devices for their own enjoyment. The “rabbit vibrator” was one of their favorites. They each claimed to own one with poor Charlotte even getting a bit addicted to hers at one point. Even preferring an evening alone with the sex toy over going out with an actual red blooded male. Which brings the question, what do you do when you are in a relationship and he doesn’t approve of your “goodie drawer"?

Some men feel threatened that a dildo or vibrator might actually give you more pleasure than they do. This is a common insecurity among men. It might take a little convincing to explain to them patiently that a little self love with a toy does not replace them in any way at all. It’s just an added way to relax, and have a little fun.

It might help to introduce the toy in question into your own lovemaking with your partner. Let them experiment with it on you, and you on them if they are game. Most men are pretty open to all kinds of sex play as long as you ask them first. You’d be surprised at how ready to try new things they will be if they know that you are up for anything.

Overall if your mate is truly bothered by what’s in your drawer, and refuses to be dissuaded by the items, then it might be time to store them elsewhere. It might seem like close access by your bedside is best, but it doesn’t hurt to move them to a drawer that is less visible to your partner. You might also not use them as much if you are in a committed relationship, especially if you are having a ton of new relationship sex that is popular in the beginning.

If you feel like this relationship is worth going the distance then as part of any good relationship, there has to be compromise. Many women won’t be with someone who is so closed minded about sexual things. So if you think that he won't budge about your “goodie drawer” then he might not be the right guy for you anyway.