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What is Kegel exercise?

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What is Kegel exercise?


Kegel exercises are all of the rave these days. Many men and especially women are exploring the wonders of doing pelvic floor exercises to better control their urinary tract systems. The workouts are centrally a matter of consistently contracting and relaxing the muscles in a manner that brings strength to the pelvic area.

Many pregnant women and new moms conduct Kegel exercises on a regular basis to better control their urge to use the restroom. Men, however, also stand to benefit from the routine.

How do Kegel exercises work?

Most people who perform Kegel workouts do so while laying on their backs with their knees bent and feet firmly placed on the ground. Placing a hand on your pelvic area will give you an inkling as to where the muscles are so that your session is purposeful. You should try repeatedly contracting your muscles for at least two minutes the first time and then progressively move up the time ladder. Some expert Kegel fanatics even find ways to work out their pelvic muscles while on the go.

The health effects of effective Kegel exercises

One of the more obvious health effects of Kegel workout routines is reduced urinary stress incontinence. Women who have just given birth to a child often suffer from this condition and sometimes find themselves unable to control their bladder. Such is the reason why you may hear of women wearing diapers several weeks after giving birth to their child.

Another benefit of Kegel exercises is a reduced probability of premature ejaculation in men. Your pelvic muscles are better able to hold in fluids when they are strong.

What does all of this have to do with sex?

Whether you believe it or not, your bladder is directly connected to your sexual experience. It is difficult to get in the mood while trying to hold in urine. Consistent Kegel workouts can ensure that your pleasurable sessions are more fulfilling and less worrisome.

Kegel exercise warnings

Too much of any good thing can turn the practice sour. Such is certainly true of Kegel workouts. Too much of the workout could lead to pelvic pain and severe discomfort during sex.

You can definitely enjoy Kegel exercises without going overboard and being excessive with the practice. What better way to spice up your sex life than with a bit of intentional pelvic workouts?