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What is a Fleshlight & How To Use a Fleshlight?

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What is a Fleshlight & How To Use a Fleshlight?

The fleshlight is a male masturbator that is named after the flashlight because of its obvious resemblance to the shape of a flashlight, which is a discreet hard plastic sleeve holder to fill the molded orifices - vagina, ass or mouth. The orifices are molded in soft real skin texture to mimic the real deal as much as possible. Fleshlights have come a long way from a simple pussy mold to a variety of sizes, shapes, textures, and accessories.

How Did Fleshlight Came About?

The owner of the #1 best-selling male masturbator is Steve Shubin. Shubin is an ex LA County cop that found himself in a predicament where he wanted a classy and realistic masturbator while his wife was having a high-risk pregnancy, and they had to abstain. He started Fleshlight out of a garage where he experimented with various types of polymers and plastic to create a realistic human flesh experience that is molded to a variety of your favorite pussy preferences, including some of the most famous celebrities in porn. 

Shubin teamed up with his sons to create a full line of celebrity fleshlight sleeves. This sex in the can product brainstormed ideas on how to create a perfect mold plate and invited some of the best girls in the porn industry to their Austin-based company. The challenge to creating the perfect mold is that the woman must be plumped and excited before the cold plaster mold is put on the pussy or ass. After the plaster is created, clay is shaped and molded to perfection.

What Are The Different Fleshlight Available?

1. Classic Series

Introducing the most basic of Fleshlight products - comes in standard butt, pussy and mouth orifices. The textures are marketed as smooth, perfect for first timers or beginners. The standard Fleshlight case is approximately 10” (25 cm) long and up to 3.7” (9.5 cm) wide.

2. Fleshlight Girls

The Fleshlight Girls sleeves are one of the biggest and most exciting collections from Fleshlight. Fleshlight Girls' orifices – pussy, mouth and ass are molded from famous porn stars and come in a ton of varieties. Every Fleshlight girl has at least one unique signature texture of their own, designed to mirror her unique self and personality. Best sellers include Stoya Destroyer, Asa Akira Dragon, Alexis Texas OutlawRiley Reid Utopia and Nicole Aniston Fit to name just a few of the favorites pussies. The textures are made to stimulate what it would be like to enjoy each of these girls by having a smoother or more ribbed experience.

3. Go Series

For people who prefer an even more discreet Fleshlight or something more portable than the standard size. Fleshlight Go is approximately 8.5” (22 cm) long and up to of 3” (7.5 cm) wide. There are two Fleshlight Go design - Go Surge and Go Torque

4. Flight Series

Fleshlight Flight is designed specially for travel use, portable and very discreet. Fleshlight Flight is approximately less than 8” / 20cm, long and just 3.1” / 8cm, wide. There are three Fleshlight flight designs - Flight Pilot, Flight Aviator and Flight Instructor

5. Sex in a Can Series

Designed to camouflage into your daily necessities, Sex In A Can (SIAC) is born. Hidden in the can are sexy orifices - for mouth we have the Count Cockula and Sukit Draft. For ass, we have the Jack's Cherry Pop and Jack's Grape Soda. For vagina, we have the popular Lady Lager.

6. Quickshot Series

The smallest in the Fleshlight family. Easily portable and discreet. At a petite size of 9cm, Quickshot is open ended, easiest to use and clean. Perfect for one with a tight budget but still want the extra fun! There are two Quickshots available - Quickshot Vantage and Quickshot Boost.

7. Freaks Series

The Fleshlight Freaks are for the most daring fantasy lovers. These are a series of surreal sleeves that have a twist synonymous with fantasy, sci-fi, or horror. If you've ever fantasized about a sexy cyborg alien, this is the perfect sleeve to get you turned on. 

8. Ice Series

The Fleshlight Ice series is slightly different from the standard Fleshlight. Instead of the standard soft opaque real feel textured sleeve, the Ice series is transparent. With a transparent crystal clear casing and sleeve, you get to watch yourself in action! The Ice series also comes in the mouth, ass and vagina

9. Turbo Series

The Fleshlight Turbo series focus in replicating the best oral sex you have ever experienced. It provides the most suction out of all the other Fleshlights, mimicking a real life blowjob. 

10. Fleshjack Series

Everyone is equal, and everyone deserves some fun regardless of sexuality. The Fleshjack series are specially for gay men. Similar to Fleshlight Girls, Fleshjacks sleeves are molded from popular porn stars, specifically the mouth, ass and dildo. Popular porn stars are Allen King, Boomer Banks and Brent Everett.

How to Use A Fleshlight?

You might think that it is quite obvious isn't it? Simply stick your penis up the orifices opening and stroke it. Well, there is more to that for an even more realistic experience.

Firstly, pick your favorite porn star sleeve.

Secondly, Fleshlight has the sleeve warmer  that warms up any fleshlight sleeve via the USB to create the warmth of a real human being. In less than five minutes, your sleeve will reach 40° Celsius. Fleshlight's engineers have determined this to be the perfectly realistic temperature.

Thirdly, remember to lube it up! You do not want any micro tears caused by the lack of lubrication. Fleshlubes are specially formulated for the usage with all Fleshlights. It is water based, and it comes in three variations - the original, cooling and warming. 

Fourthly, adjust the rear cap to control the pressure and suction for optimal experience. This will make a huge difference to the way it feels to use it.

Lastly, rather than stroking it on your own manually, you might consider getting the Fleshlight Launch, that creates a fully automated, hands free experience. On top of that Fleshlight Launch is interactive, it can be connected to a variety of content such as encoded videos, virtual reality, games and webcams. Launch controls the length of your strokes, as well as the speed. With its innovative touch control system, just set the controls, sit back and enjoy!

How To Clean A Fleshlight?

The most important step is to clean your Fleshlight properly, making sure that it is free from bacteria, keeping it in tip top condition before your next sexy time. Fleshlight have cleaning accessories available to clean and maintain your Fleshlight - Fleshwash Anti Bacterial Toy Cleaner and Renewing Powder. It is important to note that you should never use soap to wash the sleeve as some contents in the soap will disintegrate the soft material. 

Step 1: Remove your Fleshlight Sleeve from the casing. 

Step 2: Run the sleeve and casing through warm water. Clean sleeve thoroughly.

Step 3: Spray a generous amount of the Anti Bacteria Fleshwash inside out the sleeve and leave it to dry.

Step 4: Maintain the softness of the sleeve by slapping on the Fleshlight Renewing powder after drying.

Step 5: Store sleeve back into the casing and it is ever ready for your next use!