What is a Delay Spray & Does it Really Work?

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A delay spray is a product designed to help you prolong your erection and is used by some people who have concerns about their performance or want to last longer in bed. This type of product, which can be a cream or gel, uses a numbing agent. Reducing sensation can help you put off ejaculation so that sex can last longer.

Because of the decreased sensation, not everyone enjoys delay sprays. After all, you want to feel the sex you're having. Another drawback of delay sprays is that they can spread to your partner's genitals on contact. This results in accidental numbing that's almost always unwanted.

If you want to use a delayer product without impacting your partner, consider applying before putting on a condom or even spraying it into the condom itself. Some condoms may already be treated with a delay spray or gel. Of course, it may not be possible to prevent your partner from coming into contact with the product. That's just the risk of using a delay spray.

Other Ways to Enhance Your Sexual Performance

However, if you're worried about performance, you might consider an alternative to delayers or even products that you can use along with a delay gel. For example, penis pumps use suction to increase blood flow, resulting in a longer, harder, or longer-lasting erection. Cock rings sit around the base of the penis (and often testicles) and prevent blood from leaving the penis, which can prolong your erection.

These two products are often used together and might be used with delay spray. If using a cock ring with delay spray, you need to pay careful attention to the tightness of the ring. You might not be able to feel if the ring is too tight and cutting off circulation, which would lead to serious side effects.

Some people have luck splitting orgasm from ejaculation, either through meditation or prostate play. If you don't come, you may be able to stay erect longer. Breathing exercises, flexing your thigh muscles, and taking a break from penetration or other stimulation can also help you control your body more effectively and avoid coming too quickly.

A cock extender might also be a good option for those with performance concerns. Whether you come quickly, have a smaller penis, or struggle to stay hard, these devices offer additional length, girth, and firmness.

If you're more concerned with pleasing your partner than about your own pleasure, you can use your mouth, fingers, or a variety of sex toys to give them pleasure and orgasms. Discovering that sex doesn't have to be all about penetration or the penis can be highly freeing for some because it opens up new avenues of sexuality!

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