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Pheromones and Attraction

  • 3 min read

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You might have heard of pheromones. According to some people, they are nearly magical. However, you must be wondering what exactly are pheromones, are they really magic love potions and do they really work in attraction?

What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are a type of chemical that is created and secreted by animals, including humans. These chemicals are intended to change the behavior of others of the species. For example, some pheromones may attract a mate while others may work to make territory. Pheromones are thought to be detected by an organ in the nose called the vomeronasal organ. However, animals do not smell them. When it comes to finding a mate, the argument goes, pheromones can attract animals without the animal consciously realizing it. They do not know why; they just find another of the species attractive.

Pheromones are used heavily by insects, which may use them to mark food trails, bond mother and child, or raise an alarm. Pheromones have been found to be an effective form of insect control. Not surprisingly, plenty of people are interested in making pheromones work for humans. The effect of pheromones on people has been debated, however. For starters, while the vomeronasal organ is present in infants, it seems to shrink before birth. Furthermore, humans are surrounded by chemicals and scents that could potentially confuse this organ.

This does not stop people from trying, of course. Studies have looked into odor cues throughout a woman's menstrual cycle and investigated how people respond to the smell of others' sweat, ostensibly in response to detected pheromones. And there are plenty of pheromone infused products on the market for humans, most of which focus on the aspect of attracting a mate and promoting sexual arousal. Because of this, pheromones will sometimes be labeled if they are intended to attract men versus women, women versus men, women versus women or men versus men. 

Does Pheromones Attract?

Pheromone infused products come in many forms - in the form of cologne, perfume spray, body mist, roll on perfume and even lubricants. Most of them are unisex while others focus on attracting the same or opposite sex. The effect of pheromones on humans are highly debatable and the results are mixed.  

Is it a myth? No harm trying it out for yourself! Cherryaffairs have a few options readily available:

Bijoux Cosmetiques - Aphrodisia Body Mist

  • For Females, Aphrodisiac Body Mist by Bijoux Cosmetiques comes in a vintage-inspired perfume pump bottle with tassel. Classy as it looks, the bottle of love potion is meticulously designed and packaged to impress. The body mist is gently scented with elegant roses, luxurious ylang ylang, and jasmine. A luring sweet scent that is fresh and not too overpowering. It is love at first smell, a scent that you will irresistibly fall in love with. 

Pheromen Eau De Toilette Male Pheromones

  • For males, there is Pheromen Eau De Toilette Male Pheromones. It comes in a novelty frosted-glass bottle that is shaped like a man's upper body and contains pheromones to attract women. Pheromen Eau De Toilette cologne is packed with a strong masculine punch, which brings out your attractive manly vibes as well as confidence.

Dona - Pheromone Perfume 2 oz (Too Fabulous)

  • For Females, Dona by System JO also has a pheromone perfume in three different scents. Cherryaffairs carry the Too Fabulous scent, which customers have described to have a scent that is fruity, floral, and musky. The invigorating aphrodisiacs and pheromones infused in Dona Too Fabulous sex perfume will seduce your partner like no other. Additionally, Dona also carries other pheromone infused products, including shave gel, bath salts, bubble bath, and massage oil. Your partner will be so enticed just by the smell of you. 

Sensuva - [HE]RO 260 Male Pheromone Body Mist 125 ml

  • For males, Sensuva [HE]RO 260 Male Pheromone Body Mist brings out the gutsy hero in you. Bold, courageous and confident. Sensuva HERO 260 features a bold and masculine cologne scent designed to increase arousal of the opposite sex. Spray it on and become a hero!

Sensuva - Big Flirt Sex Attractant Pheromone Roll On 10 ml

  • Unisex, small and compact: the Sensuva Big Flirt Sex Attractant Pheromone Roll On Perfume in a fun size 10ml bottle allows you to roll on an attractive flirtatious smell anytime, anywhere. Big Flirt is unique and smells different on every person. Slightly in between a cologne and a perfume. Feminine yet masculine. 

Wet - Pheromone Alluring Water Based Lubricant 3.5 Ounce (Lube)

For people who are not interested in a topical product, we do carry a lube that contains pheromones: Wet - Pheromone Alluring Water Based Lubricant 3.5 Ounce (Lube). This alluring unisex lubricant enhances your natural pheromones, unleashing a whole new level of subconscious attraction between opposite sex or same sex couples. A definite spark starter between new and even old couples. Simply use it like you would any lube. Cherryaffairs also carry roll-on pheromone products and deodorants containing pheromones. Go on, and attract them like bees are attracted to nectar.