What are Dilators, Who needs them & How to Use Them

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For some people, sex isn't very comfortable. In fact, some suffer from painful sex. This can be due to a number of reasons, including menopause, which reduces the elasticity of the vagina, and conditions such as vaginismus, a condition in which the pelvic floor muscles spasm and cause pain. Women who have scar tissue from giving birth may also benefit from using vaginal dilators.

This device looks like a tube that is s used to stretch the vaginal walls to make penetration more comfortable. They're typically sold in sets, and you'll start by using a dilator with the smallest diameter before moving up to larger dilators. Because you start with a dilator that is the size of the finger, it's much easier to insert than a penis or sex toy.

Some dilators can be worn while you do other activities thanks to a base that fits inside your underwear, while others are designed for you to actively manipulate them during use. You can use these dilators as resistance while you perform Kegel exercises that work the pelvic floor muscles. Eventually, it may be possible to comfortably have sex, insert a sex toy, or use tampons, even if you never have before. Plus, Kegels can make your orgasm more intense!

Doctors may prescribe dilators to patients, but you can also purchase your own. Several sex toy and health companies make dilators of various sizes, which can help you find the perfect product for you. It's even possible to find expanded sizes once you've mastered the smaller diameters and want to keep stretching.

While dilators may look like dildos, there have traditionally been a few differences. For starters, medical providers recommend hard plastic, which has no give and will more effectively stretch the vaginal muscles. However, the difference between sex toy and medical device is shrinking—some vaginal dilators even vibrator to make using them more fun. You might even enjoy the way dilators feel during use and continue using them simply because they enhance your pleasure, even if you no longer need to use them.

If you're unsure whether you might benefit from vaginal dilators, it's worth talking to your doctor, who can perform an exam and ensure that you use your dilators correctly. These devices may not be sufficient for some people who also need physical therapy of the pelvic floor muscles. However, if your doctor has already recommended dilators to reduce pain and improve your health and sex life, you can buy them right here at Cherry Affairs!

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