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Top 6 Best Sex Toys to Surprise your Queen!

  • 3 min read

Top 6 Best Sex Toys to Surprise your Queen!

Is it time to up the ante on your love toys? Are you looking for a gift for a woman who is not afraid to explore in the bedroom and enhance your sexual experiences in a fun and dramatic way? Look no further. Both of you are about to have some mind-bending orgasms if you choose one of these top gifts for her. Sex toys might sound a little too overwhelming for beginners so start subtle, start small and start discreet. 

1) Satisfyer - Pro Penguin Rechargeable Clit Stimulator (Black)

Satisfyer - Pro Penguin Rechargeable Clit Stimulator (Black)

This is one of the all-time greats when it comes to mini sex toys for woman. This one looks just like an adorable penguin. In fact, it could sit on the shelf and no one would know the intended purpose. The motor is quiet and it is great for water play. She can use it as a clit stimulator while you do her or just watch her go at it. If she is shy about it, it is discreet and quiet enough that she can get off without anyone ever knowing, provided she can contain her moans.

2) NU - Sensuelle Pleasure Panty 15 Functions Bullet with Remote Control (Purple)

NU - Sensuelle Pleasure Panty 15 Functions Bullet with Remote Control (Purple)

If you really like foreplay and want something for her that is going to get her hot and heaving before you even touch her, this is the gift to put in your arsenal for some of the best sex ever. With this great gift, you can get her to wear them on and hand over the remote. You get to tease her anywhere anytime, and she will be caught off guard each time! These vibrating panties come with a 15 function bullet that has a rechargeable remote and they are completely waterproof. The vibrator remote works 20 meters away. The sexy lace panty fits everyone as it is tied on and makes her irrestible. Have fun with this one and surprise her with a gift that keeps giving. When you are ready to give make love, this sex machine will have her cumming all over you.

3) Clone A Willy - Vibrating Penis plus Balls Molding Kit 

Clone A Willy - Vibrating Penis plus Balls Molding Kit

If you had to pick one gift for her that is the ultimate in romance and shows that you are willing to put all the effort forth to be her ultimate sex machine, this penis and balls molding kit is it. You can surprise her with the mold of your cock and have it ready and waiting or do it together as a fun sexy couple activity that will keep you and her turned on the whole time. This gift shows that you are willing to put forth the effort to make her the ultimate love toy--your cock that fits inside of her perfectly. She will never have to miss you again. Bonus is that this one vibrates too!

4) Crave - Vesper Vibrator Necklace (Silver)

Crave - Vesper Vibrator Necklace (Silver)

When it comes to discreet sex toys, the Vesper Vibrator Necklace is the ultimate discreet sex toy that is bold and classy at the same time. For woman who likes to flaunt their sexual prowess, this is the perfect thing for a date night. Crave Vesper looks like the perfect accessory to go on any outfit! No one will know what it is unless you want them to. Both of you will feel empowered with your discreet yet bold secret sex life. This clit stimulator is so pretty that you will get turned on watching it hang in between her breasts while she flaunts the escapades that your soon to have.

5) LELO - Ora 3 Oral Sex Stimulator Clit Massager (Midnight Blue)

LELO - Ora 3 Oral Sex Stimulator Clit Massager (Midnight Blue)

The LELO Ora 3 pleasure clit stimulator is just the number one oral sex stimulator perfect for an adventurous lady just like her. It is award-winning and the world's most intelligent simulator with its sense touch technology. A new and improved version, Ora 3 provides a thrilling, teasing and better than real sensation of oral sex that will keep her craving for more. Ora 3 can be used with a dildo or a rock hard dick while she puts this stimulator on her clit and thinks about your tongue swirling around on her clit while you pound away. This is sure to make her come hard and fast. The little ring is also a beautiful piece of modern art that can sit on a shelf and only you and her will know what it is.

6) FT London - Gring Finger Vibrator (Neon Rose)

FT London - Gring Finger Vibrator (Neon Rose)

Now to show your love, put a ring on her! Slowly build up her solo time with Gring Finger Vibrator from FT London. The Gring Finger Vibrator works as an enhancer that can stimulate the clit and the G-spot at the same time. With its ergonomic design and powerful motor, Gring is also rechargeable via the magnetic cable that gives her 4 solid hours of play! Not only she gets the fun, she can also use it on you as a perineum stimulator or simply stroking you off. The great thing about Gring is that you can build on these and use it as a remote with other products from their Fun Toys collection.