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Top 6 Best Sex Toys to Surprise your King!

  • 4 min read

Top 6 Best Sex Toys to Surprise your King!

Some men have a grueling schedule and not a lot of spare time, which may leave you wondering what you can do for him to spice up your love life. Sometimes it takes a little more than just your wet pussy. You need to get interactive toys for naughty ladies and gents. If you are thinking about doing something like this, trust us, he is too. In the very least, your guy will be eternally grateful when you blow his mind with some of these ideas. Don’t leave it all up to your guy when it comes to sex initiation. Give him a little attention and you will get back everything that you give and more. Let's get the ball rollin' ~ 

1. Fleshlight - Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit Masturbator

Fleshlight - Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit Masturbator

This is a special brand of Fleshlight made to turn a ten-minute session of sex into at least twenty minutes. You may be asking yourself what a Fleshlight is. It is a one-of-a-kind male masturbator that kind of looks like a flashlight. The secret inside comes in the shapes of pussy, ass and mouth. The thing about the Pink Lady Stamina, like its name suggests - trains your stamina in bed. It trains men to prolong their orgasm with the patented masturbation sleeve that helps you find your rhythm and get to peak performance. Nobody wants to be the last, so start training! The next time your guy sticks his cock in your vagina, he will be in control and you will be the one yearning for more. This is a win-win for him and her. This perfect gift just became even better in a value pack, everything he needs is in the pack - fleshlube, fleshwash, renewing powder, shower mount and of course the star of the show, the stamina training unit. 

2. BKK - Virtual Reality Masturbation Device (Black)

BKK - Virtual Reality Masturbation Device (Black)

If you really want to surprise your guy, you should get him this ultimate virtual reality interactive masturbation device. Basically, you just hit the jackpot of taking masturbation to the next level. BKK Mastubration Device is an evolutionary smart toy which combined virtual reality and motion sensing technology. It is every men's dream and fantasy! If you are out of town or maybe just want to see what your man’s ultimate virtual girl would look like, you might like this one too because it is going to keep him satisfied. BKK comes with a masturbation cup that fits on the dick and moves with his motions. It also has a surround sound helmet with an insert for his smartphone. This way, he can feel the ultimate virtual cock sucking while looking at the pussy and ass customized to his liking.

3. Clone a Willy - Clone a Pussy - Plus Sleeve Kit (Pink)

Clone A Willy - Clone A Pussy - Plus Sleeve Kit (Pink)

Stay with me here. Yes, this really is a gift for him. Pocket pussy and ass masturbators are a basic for him, but we are willing to bet that he has never had a mold of your pussy made exactly for him to fantasize about you. You can either surprise him with the end product and go ahead and create your mold before he even knows you got it. Otherwise, you can gift him with the kit and have a fun sexy couple time creating a masterpiece together! Now here is the second part of this; you are going to Clone a Willy too. This is a DIY project that both of you can get into. You will have to make a mold that needs to rest on his cock for a second so it sets. Now you just have to keep him interested. Then the two of you walk away with the one and only  best DIY masturbators ever--yours.

4. Fun Factory - Manta Vibrating Stroker

Fun Factory - Manta Vibrating Stroker

Technically, this is a gift for him, but the versatility is going to work on your vagina just as well as your gents cock. Crazy brilliant! He can work on this solo or together with you! Whether it's a blowjob, intercourse or solo, it is a bonus to enhance pleasure. The Manta has 2 flexible wings with 12 vibrating patterns. It works as foreplay for the lady and as a new sensation wrapped around his cock during intercourse. Don’t underestimate the simplicity of this. It functions on many levels. Waterproof and rechargeable, don't you love it yet?

5. Pipedream - PDX Elite Moto Bator 2 Thrusting Mouth Masturbator (Black)

Pipedream - PDX Elite Moto Bator 2 Thrusting Mouth Masturbator (Black)

A new and improved version from the motor bator, Pipedream PDX motor bator 2 is now more powerful and rechargeable! With its intense suction and thrusting action, it elevates his solo stroking experience. Each feature can be experienced on its own or altogether, depending on his mood and preference. Pipedream PDX motor bator 2 is literally one of the best hands-free masturbators for him on the market. Sleek and discreet, it will be his new best friend in his bedroom!

6.Tenga - 6 Color Pack Masturbator Egg (Multi Colour) 

Tenga - 6 Color Pack Masturbator Egg (Multi Colour)

The Tenga 6 Pack Masturbator Egg is kind of like the red roses of sex toys. A masturbator egg is so simple yet so sexy. It really is a timeless gift. Each egg has a different texture and it is like a new discovery each time. It is easy to carry and use anywhere on any size. Recommended for a single use only each time.