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Top 5 Clear Strokers & Masturbators - For Guys Who Loves To See It All So Clearly

  • 2 min read

Top 5 Clear Strokers & Masturbators - For Guys Who Loves To See It All So Clearly

Most male sex toys leave a lot to the imagination because you can't see what's going on inside. However, some companies offer clear masturbators that feel just a little naughtier. Clear strokers can be a ton of fun whether you're playing solo or you invite a partner to watch–or give you a hand. 

T-Best Strokers

Each of the clear strokers by T-best comes in a package so sleek that you might be momentarily distracted by what's inside. However, it's what's inside that truly counts! We sell the stretchy strokers in six different textures, so there's something for everyone--and every mood. These strokers are affordable yet offer unlimited pleasure. Plus, you can switch things up by using the mastubator with the cap for a more firm experience.

Fleshlight Go Torque Masturbator

This masturbator offers everything you love about Fleshlight toys in a crystal clear design that lets you see exactly what's happening during use! Slightly larger than the typical Fleshlight, the Go Torque is also easier to clean and dries more quickly. Not only is it portable for those users who frequently travel, but it can even be used with a single hand. Many people even find this toy's smaller size to be more enjoyable thanks to the snug fit! 

Topco Cyberskin Release Masturbator

If you like vibration when you masturbate, then this masturbator from Topco. The case is translucent, while the soft material is a gleaming crystal. You can penetrate this toy from the vaginal opening at the entrance, and each stroke will feel amazing thanks to the textured sleeve. At 9 inches deep, it's the perfect solution for anyone who finds other toys to be too shallow. 

Tenga Crysta Strokers

You might know this company for its popular one-time-use sleeves: Eggs. However, Tenga's has many more portions for savvy shoppers, including those in its Crysta lineup. Each of the three toys in this stroker line boasts a different texture. You can see the texture, which is made from an opaque black material, through the ultra-clear and ultra-soft gel material that makes up the walls of the stroker. Every time you use a Crysta toy, it will be a different experience depending on where and how hard you grip it.

Fleshlight Quickshot Masturbator

Fleshlight makes this list for a second time with its Quickshot series, including several clear strokers. The compact toys are more discreet than larger Fleshlights and are exposed at both ends, so you can choose which side feels better! Add a dash of Fleshlube before you slide this toy up and down your shaft, and you'll find yourself in ecstasy sooner than you expected!

With so many options, why would you limit yourself to just one?!