Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Fleshlight

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Everyone is familiar with Fleshlight, a masturbator nestled in a large case designed after a flashlight. It's supposed to be discreet, but the size gives it away. Apart from a standard size, Fleshlight do comes in travel sizes as well - Fleshlight Go. Convenient and travel friendly! Description aside, Fleshlights are incredibly pleasurable and feel more realistic than many sex toys for men.

Use Lube

Start with lube, Fleshlube, which can do more than just make things slippery. Warming and cooling lubricants introduce new sensations to your sessions. You might also find that using a thicker lube feels different from a thinner lube or vice versa or may prefer certain lube with some Fleshlight sleeves.

Although you don't have to buy from them specifically, the Fleshlight company makes a whole line of lubes you can try with your masturbator. Fleshlight lubricants are all water-based, which is the safest to use with your toy. Silicone-based lube might work, but it can also react with silicone toys, so it's important to perform a spot test before using the toy and lube together. Apply a small amount to the outside of the toy and rub vigorously for five minutes. If the Fleshlight material becomes sticky, don't use it with silicone lube.

Experiment with Suction

Standard Fleshlights have two end caps, the one you remove for play and another (the small one at the back) you can turn to add suction. Loosen and tighten the cap to see which way you prefer better, and maybe you’ll find a way to spice things up and increase the pleasure. This makes a big difference with some sleeves. 

Experiment with Different Textures

Fleshlight have a whole line of Fleshlight girls with realistic parts cloned after famous porn stars. These sleeves comprises of different textures internally - whether it is a tight entrance or a bumpy ride, you will definitely find your favourite one or a few that will blow you off every time! Be adventurous and go for something that you have never tried before, it might end up surprising you!

Experiment with Different Positions

Lying flat down and masturbating with a Fleshlight is the most common. You can spice things up by slotting the Fleshlight in between the cushions on the bed or the sofa - anywhere that can keep the toy in place. There, you can thrust hands free in a new position!

Add Accessories

While accessories aren't a requirement for your Fleshlight, they can certainly enhance the experience, and Fleshlight has a variety of accessories. Some make maintenance easier, and others improve your solo pleasure time, making your experience as realistic as they possibly can.

For example, you can mount it on your iPad, shower wall, or a sex toy for a hands-free experience. Let your hips do the work. Do note that the standard shower mount only fits the regular sized Fleshlight. For Fleshlights of smaller sizes, you will need to purchase a separate adapter to fit the mount. A sleeve warmer also ensures the material feels as realistic as possible before penetrating your Fleshlight.

Take it up a notch and add some vibrations to your Fleshlight! Purchase some bullet vibrators and slot it behind your Fleshlight sleeve.

Maintaining Your Toy

This means cleaning your Fleshlight well and letting it dry thoroughly. Otherwise, it could collect bodily fluids and lube or even grow mold, and no one wants that!

Start by removing the sleeve from the case and rinsing the case. As that dries, focus on the sleeve. Run warm water through the sleeve to rinse it, then spray with Fleshwash before rinsing it again. Fleshlight does not recommend using soap with its proprietary SuperSkin material as some soap might be too harsh for the material and it might cause irreversible damage to the sleeve.

Pat the Fleshlight sleeve dry and leave it to air dry. Generally, the more texture, the longer it takes to dry. Once the sleeve is completely dry, you can return it to the case.

You might notice that your Fleshlight becomes tacky after washing it. Dusting with Fleshlight's Renewing Powder will have your favorite toy feeling brand new in no time.

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