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Start the Night Off With An Aphrodisiac Sensual Massage At The Comfort of Your Own Home

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erotic massage nuru massage aphrodisiac massage oil

A sensual full body massage is a great segue to intercourse, whether you are already in the mood or not. A good massage relaxes you, and puts you in the mood for more. Running your hands over your lover's bare body and receiving the same in return is a great way to connect and get your mind fantasizing for more. Most importantly, a good sensual massage can melt away stress, which is a known killer of sex drive these days. 

But where do you start? First, you need the props that will make a massage feels good. While you can use your bare hands, a massage gel or oil will help glide across your partner's skin and allow the massage to go on for longer. While an oil or silicone-based lube can do the trick, you might consider using massage oils formulated specifically for this purpose. These products may also have other enticing features such as heating, cooling, tingling, or even comes with a relaxing scent. Some massage products are even flavored, flirting with your sense of smell and taste. Most of the massage oil also consists of skin benefiting properties that leaves your skin soft and moist after the massage.

What are Aphrodisiacs?

aphrodite greek god Aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs are named for Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of sexual beauty and love. Aphrodisiacs have a powerful impact on the mind as they are believed to trigger the release of chemicals into the brain which will then lead to arousal or stimulation. 

What are the Benefits of Aphrodisiacs?

An aphrodisiac is a substance that can arouse or trigger feelings of sexual desire. Every couple may experience low libido from time to time in their lives and an extra boost is required to keep the fire alive. Aphrodisiacs works as the libido enhancers, and adds that extra zest to your sex life.

What Are The Different Aphrodisiacs Products?

An aphrodisiac comes in many forms such as edibles, massage gels, fragrance or even medicine. The most common for a good aphrodisiac massage are massage gel, massage oil or massage candle that contains aphrodisiac properties. 

Nuru is a well known brand for its organic erotic massage oil. Its name derived from the Japanese word "slippery". Nuru Massage is a Japanese erotic massage technique that requires the masseuses to rub their body against the client's body naked and covered with massage lotion, increasing physical contact and sexual arousal.

Nuru - Aphrodisiac Massage Oil Rose 250mlNuru - Aphrodisiac Massage Oil Exotic Fruits 250ml

Create your own nuru massage at the comfort of your own home and privacy with the popular aphrodisiac massage oil from Nuru. The aphrodisiac infused massage oil comes in different relaxing scents - Exotic Fruits and Rose, aiming to lure you into the right mood.

Nuru - Massagel Gel with Nori Seaweed Aloe Vera 1000ml

Nuru also carries different massage gel, that are thicker thus less messy than the massage oil. The most popular massage gel option is the formulation of Nori Seaweed and Aloe Vera, available in 1 litre or 500ml. Nori is a hard to find seaweed that had been traditionally used by people for stimulating their sex life.

Nuru - Aphrodisiac Luxury Massage Candle 326g

To spice up the game with a little heat, Nuru also sells an aphrodisiac massage candle if you want to try out the warm wax. The massage candles are made from a soft wax that burns at a very low temperature so that you can safely use it as a massage oil once in a liquid form.

Aphrodisiacs Massage - Where to Begin?

Because an erotic massage can get a little messy, some people like to lay down a towel or a sheet intended specifically for massage purposes to protect their bedding. There are other options, however. Liberator makes a waterproof blanket known as the Throe. Of course, Nuru also has an option for savvy consumers. Nuru's PVC sheet comes in a single size, which is big enough for king-sized beds and can be wiped clean to use time and again, it is also machine washable. So you can safely slather your partner in massage oil or drip warm wax over their body before you massage them into bliss. Don't be afraid to ask for the same in return!

Tips for a Sensual Aphrodisiacs Massage


Do some research if you have not given a massage before. The back, neck, shoulder, buttocks, and behind the knees are great places to start a massage. Most importantly, pay attention to your partner's responses throughout the massage. Take note of sensitive and sweet spots. You should always begin light and end where they are going to have the most sensitivity. This will leave them energized and wanting something much more.