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Sex Toys for the Frisky Couple

  • 2 min read

Sex Toys for the Frisky Couple


Even in a relationship with a healthy sexual dynamic, sex toys are a phenomenal way to mix things up in the bedroom and awaken desires that you may not have known about until you're blindfolded with a magic wand strapped between your legs and your partner's flesh in your mouth. For couples who are looking for something to freshen up their sex lives, these toys are guaranteed to open up possibilities.

Remote-Controlled Toys

Sometimes, moving a little further apart is a great way to come together. Remote-controlled toys may seem impersonal, but knowing your lover can tantalize your nether regions with the flick of a button from across the room can make you wriggle with anticipation before he even turns it on. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from panties designed to hold a vibrator in place to insertable vibrators that you place inside of you and wait for joy. There are some models that will even work from anywhere through Bluetooth and WiFi!

The remote toys aren't just for the ladies, either. Remote-controlled vibrating cock rings slip around his package and rock his cock with shakes while you watch him dance or he makes you move.

Sex Furniture

Getting into unique and adventurous sexual positions can be difficult, especially as you and your partner get a little bit older and a little less flexible. Simple sex furniture like the Liberator sex ramp will turn your hips the right way to align your bodies and get that deep impact you've been wanting. Other models like the Bonbon toy mount provide a way to bring new sensations along with the new positions.

Magic Wands

These aren't the kind of wands you'd get from a school of wizardry. Magic wands in the sex toy world are hand-held vibrators that focus all of their power into a massaging tip that delivers the kind of stimulation that jolts you out of bed and forces you to twitch across the floor. The power will vary by model, but the ones that you plug into the wall are usually the strongest and will definitely last throughout your playtime.

Strap-ons and Feeldoes

Standing with a proud, hard cock poking out can be a powerful feeling of sexual prowess, and strap-on dildos share that feeling with those who don't come equipped with their own. Slimmer models are perfect for gently introducing both of you to the new form of penetration, and the Feeldoe models will give a girl a mind-bending experience when she orgasms from slamming into her partner.