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Sex Toys for Couples

  • 2 min read
When it comes to sex toys, most people tend to think of the manual, individual masturbating toys. Those toys people tend to use in the privacy of their own rooms. Sure, there are some great solo toys out there. Some of these are almost as good as the real thing too. Almost. Fact of the matter is no matter how great solo toys are, it just can't replicate the real intimacy. With that being said though, there are toys designed specifically for couples looking to take their already higher-end sex life and take it up to the next level. These toys are perfect for helping couples experiment, test out new means of expressing their love for one another, and just having more fun. These sex toys for couples come in all shapes and sizes, so whatever a couple is looking for and no matter how experienced the couple is, there is always something for them.

Just Getting Started

Not everybody wants to go big or go home with their first plunge into the sex toy waters. Head first into the deep in is usually better off for those who have at least experienced the waters before. For anyone just getting started with sex toys, there are a few fun pieces that don't need to cost much, and can also help introduce the couple to a world where sex toys can be shared. So what should a couple look for with these intro toys? Cock rings are always an option. These objects help restrict blood flow in the man, allowing him to stay harder and thicker longer. There are cock rings with vibrating heads on them, so the toy not only helps hold in the blood, but also stimulate and vibrate on the clitoris. Rings with a powerful enough vibration can effectively turn the entire penis into a warm, vibrator, which heightens the sensation for both partners.

Taking it Up a Notch

So beyond just the simple cock rings, specialty lubricants and other basic toys, what kind of items are there to help take the sex life up a notch? Well, it depends on how experimental and open minded the couple is. Strap on novice kits help reverse the roles, giving the woman the role of having the penis. This can be rather empowering for the women and this excitement alone might help take her over the edge. There are also harnesses that rub up against the clitoris to stimulate (while others have part inserted into the vagina). For men who have never experienced this before, the prostate is just inside of the anus and can offer a truly powerful and mind blowing orgasm, unlike anything just regular external stimulation might offer. It's a bit different, but for the experimental couple, it can take their sex life to completely new levels.