(NEW LAUNCH!) Satisfyer's App-Controlled Sex Toys

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Are you ready for the rLOVElution?

Satisfyer will be launching its very own app-controlled sex toys this season, on top of its wide range of quality products. With its new free Satisfyer Connect App, it is capable of connecting Satisfyer's app-controlled devices via Bluetooth Technology. This indeed is a huge achievement and a game-changer in a tech-savvy world today.

A sexual wellness app like no other, Satisfyer Connect allows you to discover countless ways to play with its available in-app functions. On top of that, you can even create your very own rhythms and patterns - that is uniquely yours! Additionally, you can vibe along with your favorite music, bringing your music to life. Experience direct touch control and fine-tune the intensity of each program or down to the single vibe.

With bridging the distance in mind, Satisfyer Connect provides long-distance lovers with a safe platform to interact, along with a live-stream function. Simply sync the devices and the control can be given to your lover anywhere around the world. Satisfyer assured that the application is covered with high privacy protection, protecting the interest and privacy of each and every user.

The Satisfyer Connect app is now available for Apple, Android, tablets, and Apple Watch. The application will be updated and enriched monthly with new functions.

Without further ado, let's introduce you to Satisfyer's new babies!


Satisfyer Curvy 1+, 2+, 3+

The Satisfyer Curvy editions are designed for you lovely ladies who enjoy clitoris stimulation. With its soft and silky material, Curvy is packed with its proprietary Air-Pulse Technology, mimicking the hottest oral sex session ever! What's better? It also comes with vibration for that extra stimulation, cause why not? As you have already known, no two clitorides are the same. To cater to all ladies, Satisfyer launched 3 editions of curvy. You get to choose from 1+ (Biggest head), 2+ (Medium head), or 3+ (Smallest head) to make sure that you get that shiok stimulation at the right place!

Satisfyer app controlled sex toy curvy

Satisfyer Double Joy

Ideally for you love birds out there - couples! Perfect for those looking for their first love toy together or even for those who love to add on to their existing love toy collection. The Satisfyer Double Joy has 2 strong motors, which aim to provide both of you with that extra stimulation simultaneously during lovemaking. The Double Joy also has a slim shaft that can be comfortably inserted into the vagina. Two is better than one!

Satisfyer app controlled double joy sex toy

Satisfyer Love Triangle 

An absolute cutie! A super discreet launch from Satisfyer. It looks like every other thing apart from a sex toy. Perfect device to bring along for travel, or just anywhere. 

Satisfyer app controlled love triangle sex toy discreet

Satisfyer Mono Flex

For you who loves double stimulation! With its voluminous shaft, it is bound to fill you fully. Also, with its flexible shaft, it can reach the right places even more effortlessly.  

Satisfyer rabbit vibrator mono flex app controlled

Satisfyer Royal One, Mighty One, Signet Cock Ring

Hello guys out there, you are not forgotten! Satisfyer also launched a series of app-controlled cock rings for all males. These cock rings are one-size-fits-all,  stretchable, and comfortable to wear. Perfect for solo times or used with a partner during lovemaking. Slip these babies on, and the rest is history. 

Satisfyer app controlled cock rings

Good news! Especially during this pandemic where some of us are physically separated from our partners who are overseas, this new toy collection comes in handy! If you can't fly physically to your partner, fly this lovely gift over! We are sure that the distances will melt away when you feel each other online again.

CherryAffairs have gotcha back! We have gotten our hands on these babies first hand after the launch. Don't say bojio! Very limited stocks, while stocks last, fastest fingers first!!! Try them and let us know what you think ;) Exclusively available on CherryAffairs Singapore (for now)!

P/s: for out of stock items, don't forget to enter your Email address in the box provided on the product page to get notified when the product is back in stock! What are you waiting for? Shop now

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