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Must-Have Sex Toys for Women

  • 2 min read

Must-Have Sex Toys for Women


The world of sex toys has expanded over the past few years, so it can be overwhelming to pick through the lot to find the best makes and models to use. To help get you started, here are a few styles that have proven their worth as pleasure devices.

The Rabbit

The Rabbit and its derivatives are undoubtedly the greatest evolution in vibrator design. The core concept is that the vibrator combines a main dildo portion with a small protrusion that curves to press into your clit while the main portion is buried inside of you. The iconic Rabbit brand typically shapes the clitoral stimulator as a rabbit, as seen here. One of the most popular varieties is the Beaded Rabbit. The central portion of the dildo section is filled with large beads that rotate around inside of you and ripple along the walls. You'll also find off-brand rabbits with unique shapes for their stimulators, like this one covered with spikes that threaten the clit with a good time.

The Magic Wand

A magic wand is a large hand-held massager that usually has a circular or bulbous tip that delivers intense vibrations wherever you place it. While the original versions may have been invented for deep massages, pressing a magic wand against a clit can send a woman crawling up the walls in pleasure. You can also insert the vibrating portion into the vagina to send those throbbing pulses right into the G-Spot. Magic wands are so popular that there's even a Rabbit version of the style.

Clitoral Stimulators

The most effective way for many women to orgasm is clitoral stimulation, and there are plenty of toys designed to deliver the right kind of stimulation to get you off quickly. Most are small and discrete hand-held vibrators that focus their power around an open cylinder that wraps around the clit to provide targeted pleasure. More advanced models can be worn and controlled by an app, so you can place your pleasure in a partner's hands for heated moments of daring lust on the dance floor or at the restaurant before you find your way home for a proper romp.


Whether your partner is a woman or a man who knows how to take it, the Feeldoe is an amazing invention. You insert one end into your vagina, and the other end lets you give as good as you get. With a typical strap-on, you usually only feel surface stimulation of the clitoris, and it can be difficult to get it flowing with the pace of properly ravaging your partner. When you use the Feeldoe, every push into your partner slams your portion deeper inside of you.