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Make Anal Beads Work for You - Ultimate Spine Tingling Guide

  • 2 min read

Make Anal Beads Work for You - Ultimate Spine Tingling Guide

Can Anal Beads Make Your Sex Life Better?

Simply put: YES! But let's step back a second. Learning to masturbate was easy, right? You just have to stimulate your genital area. It came natural. It fulfilled a basic human need that all of us have: the orgasm. 

The really amazing thing is that you can explore those sexual orgasms even deeper. A large part of the population doesn't even consider the options of sexual pleasure that the anus can bring to any gender. Aren't we lucky that we know better than that? That region so many don't explore is here for you to learn more or just reflect on how good that ultimate spine tingler is: The Anal Beads.


Getting Started with Your Anal Beads: Safety First

Before we go any further, let's take a second to talk about safety of anal beads. Some anal bead brands are hard to fully disinfect if they have a string or porous material. If you ever share an anal bead with a string strand, consider applying a neoprene condom to prevent transmission of any bacteria or viruses.

If you are using them just for yourself, you're fine. But let's be real, you may want to share this pleasure with others. Most of the anal beads that we carry are fully capable of being completely disinfected and sanitized


Preparing for the Ultimate Anal Pleasure

Some people will make use of an anal douche or anal enema, and here at Cherry Affairs, we have that covered for you. Feel free to explore the anal douche section if you would like. But for now, we want to focus on the actual spine-tingler: Anal Beads.


Incorporating Anal Beads into Your Sex Life

Let's talk about the different ways that you can incorporate this into your life:

  • anal sex
  • ass worship
  • spanking
  • enemas
  • rimming
  • masturbation
  • really your imagination is your limit on this

Now that we've got that out in the open, it's time to get your lubrication, and of course we have lots of choices there too. Make sure both your rectum and your beads are well lubricated. This will avoid any injury, tears or rips to the sphincter. 

PRO TIP: Before you insert them, count how many beads you have. As you insert them, count how many are being inserted. As you take them out, make sure you take out the same number you put in.


When to Take the Beads Out

You have options. You can do it a little at a time as sexual pleasure increases or you can take them out while the orgasm happens. This is what many consider the ultimate spine tingler. But play around with it and have fun. That's why it's called ass play after all.