Little Known Facts About Sex Toys

  • 2 min read

Whether or not you use sex toys, people are much more inclined to talk about them these days. Sex shops aren't down dark alleys, celebrity women endorse vibrators...but there's still some things a lot of people don't know. Here are some little known facts about sex toys .

  1. There was a steam powered vibrator. It was invented by George Taylor in 1869. At the time, "female hysteria" was a commonly diagnosed condition that was fixed through "pelvic massages" - that is to say, orgasms. Which were not considered sexual. And doctors were literally getting carpal tunnel from giving these, "pelvic massages". The first vibrator was called The Manipulator, was the size of a dining room table and had a steam engine in a different room. It was rapidly replaced by the first electric vibrators.
  2. The oldest reported dildo is 28,000 years old. It was found in Hohle Fels Cave near a place called Ulm in Germany, and it was made of sandstone and highly polished. By the time it was found, though, it had been broken into pieces and apparently used to knap flint. Maybe a prehistoric guy didn't like that a prehistoric girl was getting better orgasms from her toy?
  3. Women who use toys are healthier. Why? Because apparently using toys correlates with a greater willingness to get proper pelvic exams and more knowledge about how your vagina works. Probably not causation, but... Women who use toys also have better sexual function.
  4. Sex toys are sometimes copied off of real people - usually models. Dildos copied from male stars and masturbators designed to resemble female ones are highly sort after.
  5. The most expensive sex toy in the world is a white gold, diamond-studded vibrator, which is valued at $55,000. No word on how good it actually is at giving you an orgasm - or how easy it is to clean.
  6. Fifty Shades of Grey, the book and movie, increased sales of bondage toys and accessories by 50% as it encouraged more people to try it - but the movie also increased the sales of Ben Wa balls by 350%. Huh.
  7. The word "teledildonics" has been coined to refer to sex toys that can be operated over the internet. Ideal for long-distance relationships. It was coined in 1975 in a book called Computer Lib / Dream Machines by Ted Nelson. Teledildonics is also used to synchronize toys with porn movies.

There, seven facts you probably did not know about sex toys - unless, of course, you're a connoisseur.