Kegel Exercises and Sex

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Kegel exercises are celebrated among women because of their many benefits. Not only can these simple workouts strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, but they can also curb uncontrollable urinary tendencies. Kegel exercises are also all the rave because of everything they do for your sex life. Read on to find out how pelvic floor workout routines lead to better intercourse!

How do Kegels work?

Kegels work by strengthening your pelvic muscles, which rest beneath all of your organs. These muscles are sometimes taken for granted because of their seemingly dormant state. Pelvic muscles, however, are instrumental in supporting everything from your bladder and bowels to an unborn child.

Identifying your Kegel muscles is largely a matter of stopping the flow of your urine while it is in motion. Instead of letting your bladder exit your body, take time to stop the action in its tracks. The muscles that successfully prevent your urine flow from continuing are your pelvic muscles and need to be exercised to maintain their reflexibility.

Some women find themselves with weak pelvic muscles after childbirth. The area has worked so hard to support the development of your unborn child that it is all but exhausted in nature. Doing Kegels rebuilds what has been worn so that you do not have to wear diapers months after giving birth.

The workouts also help men. Perhaps you as a man have a hard time controlling ejaculations. A few Kegels in the morning or at night can help you take charge and hold onto your semen until you are ready to release it.

Kegels and sex

Nearly anything that strengthens your pelvic area has its positive effects sensual-wise. Kegels are no different as there are many sexual perks that come with a consistent routine.

Perhaps the most significant advantage that Kegels renders to your sex life is the ability to become aroused more quickly. With your nerves being challenged to perform at their best, it becomes much easier for you to get caught up in a sexual high and reach the orgasm state. This perk is especially beneficial to women as getting to an orgasm typically takes 20 minutes and sometimes doesn’t come during sex.

Kegels also have their exclusive advantages for men. Pelvic exercises can increase the time of erection, which means that pleasurable experiences are more intense. There is also the benefit of women doing Kegels during intercourse that causes the male penis to go into overdrive and really perform.

Kegels are definitely something that you want to incorporate in your workout routine because of their many benefits. The exercises should be at the top of your list if you are a sex fanatic.