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Human Warmth | How To Warm a Male Masturbator/Onahole?

  • 2 min read

Human Warmth | How To Warm a Male Masturbator/Onahole?

It is no fun to realize your favorite sex toy is freezing cold when you want to play with it. Fortunately, most manufacturers have clued onto the fact that users want to warm up their masturbators before use, and they have created products for this purpose! These warmers can make your experience feel a bit more human with a warm element, creating a more realistic play.

For Fleshlight Sleeves

The Fleshlight sleeve warmer has a simple design. Slip the sleeve over the top, plug in the warmer, and press the single button. It heats up to 105° Fahrenheit/40° Celsius and has auto-shutoff to prevent damage to the lifelike material. It works with most Fleshlight sleeves except the Quickshot series, which has it's own warmer, of a smaller size.

For Fleshlight Quickshot Sleeves

The Fleshlight Quickshot Sleeve Warmer - Because Fleshlight's Quickshot toys are smaller, they need a shorter sleeve warmer. Otherwise, it works the same as the regular Fleshlight warmer. Note that the shorter shaft cannot fully penetrate a regular Fleshlight to warm it.

For Tenga Cups

Unlike other products on this list, Tenga's Hole Warmer does not plug in. Instead, you snap a disc inside the device to start heating it, just like some massagers or camping gear! The warmer becomes hard, and you can Insert it into as to heat it up. After you use the Hole Warmer, you will need to boil it, so make the disc accessible for the next use. Tenga designed the Hole Warmer for its cup series, so it may not work well with other Tenga masturbators or the company's famous eggs. To adjust low/high temperature to your liking, Tenga has another Cup Warmer that does the job just right. 

For Japan Onaholes

The G-Project warmer is the perfect accessory for your realistic Onahole. One end plugs into your computer's USB port, which means you do not have to worry about finding a compatible outlet, while the other is a rod that slips into your Onahole. The maker recommends using lube, which will also be heated by this device. Wait between 5 and 10 minutes, and your Onahole will be warm and waiting for you! Plus, if your warmer becomes dirty, you can detach the USB cable, cover the end, and wash it in the water!

If you do not have a warmer by the same company that made your masturbator, you may still be able to use one by another company. Do not leave it unattended, however!

You can also try using a warming lube with your masturbator. These lubricants typically get warmer from penetration so that the temperature increase may be gradual.

Another option is to dip a sleeve in warm water or wrap it with a warm towel before use. However, it is much more convenient to purchase a warmer if you use your toy frequently. Never try to heat your masturbator in the microwave or oven! This can ruin the toy and create a potential fire hazard.