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How To Keep Your Favorite Intimate Toys Sparkly Clean?

  • 7 min read

How To Keep Your Favorite Intimate Toys Sparkly Clean?

A little compilation on how to clean your sex toys, featuring some of your favourite brands such as Tenga, Fleshlight, Fun Factory, and Japanese Onahole. Ready to get wet (from cleaning)? Let's get started!

How To Clean Tenga Sex Toys? 

The folks over at Tenga describe their products as "pleasure, the way it should be". With a wide selection of sleek, modern designs, it is easy to see why they are such a quickly growing provider of all things sexually satisfying. Their award-winning Moova flex toy has quickly become a must-have for pleasure-seekers, leading to worldwide recognition of the brand. From single use pocket sized cup masturbators and love eggs to reusable spinner strokers, flip holes. Tenga is an adult toy company that tears down convention.

Cleaning A Tenga Sex Toy

Tenga is known for its plethora of cool designs, but such quantity does not mean the toys are difficult to clean. With a few simple instructions and tips, you can keep your favorite toys in top-notch shape and bacteria free.

1. Identify the type of toy you have.

Tenga offers both single use and long-term use toys. Single use toys, such as the onacup series, are meant to be disposed of after use. Eg: Tenga cup series and eggs. While the company states it is possible to clean a disposable toy, the design was not meant for this purpose and thus they are not very easy to clean. You cannot be certain as to how effective cleaning a one-time use toy will be, which can lead to serious health dangers. If you'd like to prolong the lifetime of a disposable toy, use a condom. Reusable tenga toys include Tenga Flip Hole series, Tenga Flip Zero series, Tenga Flip ORB series, Tenga Moova series, Tenga 3D Series, etc. 

2. Use the right kind of lube.

Keeping up maintenance on a Tenga toy starts with how you use it. Toys that ship with a lubricant are always water-based. The manufacturer recommends using a water-based lube or lotion with their products to protect the material integrity of the product. Never use an oil lubricant with a Tenga - not only is it harder to clean, it can deteriorate the toy itself. Enough lubrication also avoids micro tears that are due to friction. Tenga has their own range of lubrications that are recommended for usage with their toys for a complete experience - Tenga Hole Lotion series and Tenga Play Gel series.

3. Wash the right way.

Cleanse the toy using warm water and, preferably, a toy cleaner. Toy cleaners are specially formulated to sterilize sex toys without damaging the material. If you do not have toy cleaner, you may use a gentle antibacterial soap instead. It is important to refrain from using any soup with high acid or alkaline content as they may erode the material of your toy. Take care not to submerge a toy underwater unless it is completely waterproof.

4. Drying and preserving.

After washing, dab the excess moisture off and then allow the toy to air dry completely. It is important to air your love toys till it is completely dried to prevent any mold from growing due to the moisture. Rechargeable toys, such as the Iroha, should never be plugged in while still wet. Once dry, consider treating your toy with a renewing powder. Powdering maintains the material's smooth flexibility. Afterward, store your Tenga toy in a dry, safe place; preferably in a designated storage box or toy bag. Never keep sex toys in a place where germs can congregate, such as next to cell phones or loose in drawers.

How To Clean An Onahole?  

Onahole masturbators are supremely popular in recent years, and for good reason. They are the perfect masturbator toy for the guy who loves Japanese adult videos, also known as JAV or AV. Often, onaho designs are based on real JAV stars or hentai (adult anime) characters featuring a wide range of tastes such as rigid hip, massive breasts (called oppai), and of course pussy and ass. Popular brands of onahole include EXE, creators of the popular Puni Ana line, and NPG, known as the originator of the Meiki “perfect pussy” style of onaho. There are also a variety of accessories for these toys, such as warming sleeves, for added pleasure.

Cleaning An Onahole

With so much range and versatility in this style of toy, proper care is important to prevent deterioration. While every toy can vary in style and material, there are a few universal maintenance tips you can follow.

1. Wash in luke warm water.

After use, wash out the toy in luke warm water, making sure to thoroughly clean the crevices. You may use a finger for this or consider purchasing a cleaning swab to clean more thoroughly. Unless specifically stated otherwise, avoid turning the toy inside out as this can cause tears and damage the material.

2. Do not use alcohol-based cleaner or regular soaps.

The body-safe materials that make an onahole so high-quality can suffer serious damage from alcohol or soap. Once damaged, the material will turn sticky and corroded. It is recommended to use specialized toy cleaner to disinfect the toy and keep the material intact. Specialized toy cleaners feature antimicrobial agents designed to sterilize without damaging delicate materials. Cleaners come in spray bottles and applicators, so you can effectively cleanse both the outside and interior of the toy.

3. Dry the toy.

Shake out as much water as possible, then use a microfiber towel to dab the exterior dry. Allow the toy to air-dry completely. Drying is important, as storing a toy that is still damp inside can lead to the growth of mold regardless of how well you cleaned it. You may use the towel on the inside as well, if possible, or a toy drying tool - DNA - Onahole Dry Stick, G Project - Hole Quick Dry Stick or G Project - Hole Quick Dry Ball

4. Apply powder and store.

Once fully dry, it is time to powder the exterior. Powdering assures the material stays soft and smooth. You can use regular baby powder, but there are also preservation powders available that leave a lighter finish. After powdering, store the onahole in a dry place, preferably in a breathable toy storage box or bag.

How To Clean A Fleshlight?

Ever since its launch with the classic lotus design, Fleshlight has become a premium male sex toy brand in Singapore and around the world. Also known as “sex in a can”, the Fleshlight has evolved to feature hundreds of fan-favorite designs, both outrageous and discreet. From models featuring molds of actual adult celebrity girls to the Fleshjack line with gay boys in mind, these toys are made to deliver deep satisfaction. Whether you are into oral, pussy, or ass, there is a Fleshlight for you.

Keeping Your Fleshlight Clean

If you want to keep your Fleshlight in top shape it is important to keep up regular maintenance. Luckily, it is easy to care for your toy with the right tools. Follow these tips and your Fleshlight will continue to be at your service whenever you desire.

1. Use the right lube.

These toys are designed to be used with lubrication. Make sure it is water-based, which is more gentle on the sleeve and easier to wash. Avoid oil-based lubes as they can cause holes and tears. Fleshlubes are formulated with the highest quality ingredients specially for the use with Fleshlight products.

2. Remove the sleeve from the casing.

Disassembling the toy for cleaning makes the process much easier and ensures you will give it a thorough wash. Every Fleshlight is made to be taken apart easily. Simply unscrew the end caps and then remove the insert from the case.

3. Never use regular soap or alcohol cleansers on the insert.

While the case and end caps are fine to clean with regular soaps, the insert sleeve is not. Since the insert is composed of mineral compounds, traditional soaps and alcohol-based cleaner can cause it to deteriorate. Instead, you will need warm water, a toy cleaner such as Fleshwash, and Fleshlight Renewing Powder. You can often find the cleanser and powder for sale in a convenient and cost saving value pack.

4. Rinse and then soak.

Rinse the sleeve out with warm water to remove any “leftovers”, then soak it in clean hot water for a few minutes. After soaking, ring the sleeve out and then allow it to air-dry.

5. Cleanse the insert.

Spray Fleshwash cleanser over the exterior and interior of the sleeve, coating the whole surface. The cleanser contains a non-alcohol antimicrobial that will sterilize the sleeve. Once the insert is thoroughly coated, rinse it out and then allow it to air-dry.

6. Apply renewing powder and reassemble.

Renewing powder keeps your Fleshlight feeling fleshy! Once the insert is completely dry, apply a thin layer of powder to the whole surface. No need to wipe or rinse, simply reassemble the toy and store or you are ready for another go!


How To Clean Fun Factory Toys?

Fun Factory is a popular sex toy brand hailing from Germany. Since 1996 they have brought fun and sexy innovations to the adult toy market with an exciting line of vibrators, dildos, and more. High quality design and top-notch body safe material make this brand a favorite for pleasure seekers across the globe.

Cleaning Fun Factory Toys (Silicone and Nonporous Plastic)

Fun Factory makes a point to manufacture their toys using only medical grade silicone and specially developed nonporous plastics. This means they are easy to clean and do not hold onto germs the way other materials can. That being said, it is important to clean your toys the right way. Here are some tips to make sure it's done right.

1. Remove accessories when possible.

Accessories, such as a harness, should be removed from the toy prior to cleaning. This is particularly important if the accessory is made from a different material, such as cloth or leather. However, all detachable add-ons should be taken off when feasible, as the crevices between the toy and accessory can become a hiding place for microbes.

2. Avoid oil-based soaps.

Oil is a no-go for sex toys in general, as it can damage internal working parts (such as vibrator motors). It is also capable of weakening the integrity of silicone especially. Instead, stick to a gentle antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. Fun factory has its own toy cleaner that is specifically formulated with antibacterial properties that are gentle on the toy while being strong enough to sterilize. If you have a toy cleaner, be sure to follow the directions that came with it to assure maximum effectiveness. If you choose to go the soap-and-water route, continue reading below.

3. Scrub safely.

Check to make sure your toy is waterproof. If it is, you can cleanse it with soap under warm water with your hands or a washcloth. If not, stick to washing with a damp, soapy cloth above water. Never submerge a non-waterproof sex toy; this can seriously damage it and even break it completely. Be sure to rinse or wipe away the soap after.

4. Dry completely and then store.

Being non-porous, Fun Factory toys can be dried with a simple pat down with a clean towel. Once dry, store your toy in a clean box or toy bag. It is important to keep the toy in a dry, clean place where it won't come into contact with other germ-carrying objects. Having a designated place to store your toys helps keep them clean and in top condition for future use.