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How to Choose Sex Toy - For Him & For Her

  • 4 min read

How to Choose Sex Toy - For Him & For Her

How to choose a sex toy for women

Are you considering your first vibrator or are you planning on surprising your lovely queen? There are so many choices that it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, the following advice can help.

Insert for G Spot Stimulation: First, not knowing what you want to do with it can make choosing a vibrator difficult. We recommend something that is versatile. For example, you can use most internal vibrators on your clitoris or nipples, but it may be easier if you choose one that is a bit more straight and simple. A small G spot curve or bulbous head can be awesome for clitoral stimulation, but those toys with an extreme curve or base might make it hard to use elsewhere. Pay attention to any toy you intend to use internally. A good rule of thumb is choosing a vibrator that no bigger than penetration you have already experienced, which may be a partner's penis, fingers, or even a dildo.

Outer/Clitoris Stimulation: Another option to consider is a smaller vibrator such as an egg, bullet, or lipstick vibrator, all of which are more discreet than realistic toys. These all can be used to stimulate the clitoris and nipples, and some are small enough to use during partner sex. You can stimulate a partner with a small vibrator, and some dildos have holes into which you can insert a bullet vibe. However, small toys like these are not safe for anal and should only be used vaginally if they have a retrieval cord and not just a wire that connects the toy to its remote.

Do not forget about wand massagers like the Hitachi Magic Wand, now sold as the Magic Wand Original. These toys are intended for external stimulation, tend to be quite strong, often plug in, and can be loud. But if you look for one that is compatible with attachments for internal stimulation, has adjustable vibrations, and is wireless, you may just find your new favorite vibrator.

Another popular clitoris stimulation device is the Satisfyer Pro 2, with its wave technology, it mimics a lover's lip stimulating your clitoris. The device itself is discreet and does not even look like a sex toy! Classic and elegant in rose gold, it is many girl's best friend. 

Others: Of course, there are many vibrators for her that do not fit into these categories. Many women love rabbit vibrators that offer internal and external stimulation at the same time, or you can try vibrating panties that come with remote control.

It is absolutely fine for your first vibrator purchase to be rather inexpensive. You can get an idea of what you like without breaking the bank and decide to upgrade to something that can be controlled via Bluetooth, is stronger, or has an internal battery if you do like it. However, just because you do not like one vibrator does not mean you will dislike them all, and the opposite is also true. So it may be worth considering another vibrator that is quite different from your first. Go for something new, and it will always surprise you. 

Factors you may want to consider before your purchase:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Material (hard vs soft, slickness, temperature responsive, etc)
  • Vibration strength
  • Depth of vibration (buzzy versus deep/rumbly)
  • Attachments
  • Noise
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable/Battery operated

Recognizing that no two vibes are the same can make your choice easier.

How to choose sex toy for man

It may seem like men do not have as many sex toy options as women do, and there is some truth to this. However, some companies focus explicitly on sex toys for the guys, and many toys designed for one purpose can be used for another. With this in mind, any man can find a sex toy or two to enjoy, whether by himself or with a partner.

The main category of sex toys for men includes toys that go over the penis to enhance stimulation rather than just stroking with your hands. There are soft sleeves and strokers that you grip and cover all or part of your penis while masturbating, but you will also find larger toys with hard casings that can be used time and again and allow you to do more thrusting and not just stroking. This includes toys like Fleshlights. Sometimes these toys have a vibrating, rotating or suction component.

Male toys can be more abstract, but many of them imitate a woman's body parts. These toys can be designed to look like a vagina, mouth, or ass at the entrance, sometimes with details such as labia or a clitoris, and are typically designed to feel like a real wet pussy. You will find toys that are larger and can include a molded ass or breast along with the sleeve for penetration. Toymaker Meiki describes these larger toys as "hips."

There are also a variety of dolls that you can purchase, from inflatable to robotic, so you are not just enjoying a disembodied part. It is not uncommon for toys to be molded after porn stars, and a guy can purchase toys modeled after male stars, too, if he is not into the idea of masturbator in the form of a realistic pussy.

As toy technology has improved, sleeves have become 3D printed, strokers have adopted designs that are easier to clean, and toys can even connect to partners via the Internet for interactive play. Replaceable sleeves mean that you can have a different experience each time, and some companies make attachments that go with their toys.

Guys can also consider the wide variety of prostate toys to milk that sensitive organ and give them unique orgasms. Many strap-on toys can be used for this purpose, and this activity can bring couples closer together.

Plus, many toys can be used for a man's pleasure even if they were not designed for him. G-spot vibrators can often access the prostate as long as they have a flared base, flange, or handle that would make them impossible to lose. The same goes for many dildos. Vibrators can be used externally to stimulate the nipples, testicles, or perineum, perhaps at the same time as using a stroker.