Sex Toys Can Help You Prepare For Birth

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You may not have been aware that sex toys could help prepare you to bring a child into the world, but it's true. You can use them to help you with various aspects of birth. Here's why and how:

Exercising Your Pelvic Muscles

Your entire pelvic floor consists of muscles that get stretched out during the child birthing process. They can become loose without the proper exercise and attention. How can a sex toy help with that? The act of moving around to achieve an orgasm and the orgasm itself cause you to contract your muscles. One of the most effective ways to firm up a muscle or make it more flexible is to contract it. Think of it as exercising any other part of your body. The more you use the muscles, the stronger they become. The same rings true for your pelvic floor, and sex toys can give you the required workout if you don't have a partner at this time. Kegel balls or dilators can also help in the exercising of your pelvic muscles!

Helping Yourself To Relax

The act of sex, whether self-induced or with a partner, releases hormones that promote relaxation and contentment. The primary hormone is called oxytocin, and it's what you release when you make love to a partner. That hormone often plays a part in "falling in love" or "catching feelings" after connecting with another person physically.

As your due date approaches, you can use your own body's oxytocin production to calm yourself. There's nothing wrong with indulging in a bit of playtime, especially if you're feeling hormonal or uncomfortable in your late second or third trimester. Childbirth is a highly stressful time. Thus, you'll want to engage in activities that help make you feel calmer and more secure. Sex toyscould help if you don't have an active partner or a support person by your side.

Making the Vagina More Flexible

To give birth to a child, you have to ensure that your vagina will be able to stretch the length of the baby's shoulders. Tearing and damage can occur if the baby has broad shoulders, and your private area isn't flexible when the time comes. Certain sex toys could play a role in helping you to make the area more relaxed than it is. A large dildo, for example, could widen the area and help you prepare for what lies ahead. Your vagina's elasticity level will cause it to return to its normal size once you have the baby.

As you can see, sex toys can be an asset and aid in your journey of pregnancy and childbirth. Therefore, you may want to consider investing in them. You can browse a reliable sex toy manufacturer's products to find items that may be suitable for your needs. Additionally, you can complete your purchase discreetly and request expedited shipping of your item.

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