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Fleshlight Essential Accessories to Top Your Experience

  • 2 min read

Fleshlight Essential Accessories to Top Your Experience

Most people know of the famous Fleshlight brand of masturbators. However, you may be missing out if you don't pair your toy with the following essential accessories!


If you love it, lube it. This goes for your favorite Fleshlight as well as any bodies you play with. Fleshlight makes several lube options, including water-based Fleshlube that is compatible with the sex toys that make (and all other sex toys!). If you prefer a thicker lubricant, check out Fleshlube Slide Anal formula, which is as fun when you use it with your Fleshlight as it is during backdoor play. But that's not all! Fleshlube also comes in warming and cooling varieties, both of which are water-based and compatible with your Fleshlight. Lube it up, and away!

Shower Mount

The company knew that many of their satisfied customers were already using their favorite toys in the show, so they designed the Shower Mount. You can insert your Fleshlight into the shower mount where it will remain stationary as you thrust into it. Don't worry if you own the Fleshlight Quickshot or Flight instead of a standard masturbator. The company makes an adapter for both of those masturbators, too! Now you can have some hands free fun!

Sleeve Warmer

Adding warmth to your Fleshlight sleeve is a great way to increase your pleasure and make it feel more realistic. But how can you do it safely? Thanks to Fleshlight's official Sleeve Warmer, there's no reason to worry. Plug in the device and place your SuperSkin sleeve over the warmer. You'll be enjoying a warm masturbator in no time! Just like the real thang!

Renewing Power

Fleshlight's SuperSkin is what makes your toy feel so good, but it may not feel as soft after repeated use. Fortunately, the company makes Renewing Powder that keeps your Fleshlight masturbator feeling like new time after time. Remove the sleeve from its case and coat it with a thin layer of powder before turning it to its case. It will be ready to use when you need it!

Liberator Mount

Finally, the Liberator Mount is a position pillow that includes a slot for your Fleshlight. Whether you use it for pleasure or stamina, it's sure to get the job done.

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