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Everything You Need to Know About Anal Sex

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Everything You Need to Know About Anal Sex

New to Anal play? Here is a short introduction to the different anal toys - Anal Beads & Prostate Massagers available in the market and one of the strongest player - Aneros. Anal play is for both woman and man. Remember to lube up and keep your entrance completely clean by using anal douche before you begin!

What Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are stimulating toys made of several bulges or spheres connected together. Most of the anal beads gradually increases in size going up the string. Older designs used strings that connected beads while more modern versions are more like shaped dildos. Many even vibrate! Fortunately for anal beginners, anal beads do not have to cost a lot.

How To Choose Anal Beads?

Choosing the Right Starter Anal Beads

Safety is important when you experiment with the back door. Anything you insert anally should have a flared base or a handle/loop that is wider than the anal sphincter to prevent the toy from getting stuck in your ass and to make removal easy. Start small before you get adventurous!

Ideally, you should avoid anal beads that are actually connected by a string. This design runs the risk of breaking, leaving any inserted beads can stuck without any way to remove them. Prostate toy maker Aneros is expert at making safe anal toys for him.

Furthermore, string is and porous cannot be properly cleaned, which means that the string will contain bacteria no matter how thoroughly you wash them. When a hole is drilled into each bead for the string, it creates an additional place that's impossible to clean. Beads that are coated/made from a single material such as silicone are the better choice. Metal toys are another option to consider, especially if you prefer rigid toys. These materials, along with wood and glass, are nonporous, which makes them a better choice for the beads. Jelly, a porous material, was once common for anal beads but has fallen out of favor for more body-safe silicone, which can be soft or nearly rigid.

Other choices are more cosmetic. There are a wide range of colors, and you might prefer one that's black in the event that fecal matter gets on the toys.

How To Use Anal Beads?

There is no right to use anal beads. You insert them and remove them, but how you do that varies. You can insert each bead slowly and get used to the feeling, or you can insert them all and let them fill you up quickly. For some people, the pleasure of anal beads comes from pulling them out, either one by one or quickly. 

You can stop inserting anal beads where you are comfortable and never go further, but some people enjoy pushing themselves to the limit and working their way up to the largest bead.

If your beads are also a vibrator, you can experiment with those settings to find what you like best.

Anal beads are great for masturbation but can also be used during sex.

What Are Prostate Massagers?

A prostate massager is designed to stimulate the sensitive walnut-sized organ that can be accessed through the anus and also the perineum (the skin between the testicles and anus). Men and trans women have a prostate, sometimes call the P spot, and stimulating this organ can be quite pleasurable. It can even produce a different type of orgasm for some people!

Prostate play is sometimes called prostate milking because of the way that you stimulate this organ. There are multiple ways to stimulate the prostate, including with a partner's penis, fingers, or a toy. A toy with a curved shaft will most effectively stimulate this organ, and many prostate massages have been designed specifically for this purpose. The best prostate massager will deliver intense pleasure with ease and without the risk of losing the toy internally. 

Popular Prostate Massagers

Aneros: Fans of prostate play have heaped praise upon toy maker Aneros. The company makes multiple prostate toys, typically with an insertable shaft and two external arms: one for stimulating the prostate through the perineum and the other for controlling the toy during use and removing it. 

LELO: Luxury sex toy company LELO also has several quality offerings for prostate play. Brunoand Hugo are curved vibrators similar to many prostate toys that hug the perineum on the outside, while Loki looks more like G-spot vibrators with a longer shaft that curved gradually. Loki wave has a unique wave function and appears similar to a rabbit vibrator with its external arm.

Nexus: Nexus is another prominent company when it comes to anal toys. They sell stimulators similar to Aneros (some of which are compatible with bullet vibrators), butt plugs, and vibrating prostate toys. Some toys can even be re-purposed for G-spot play! One unique feature of many Nexus toys is a rollerball that stimulates the prostate through the perineum.

B-Vibe: For someone interested in a versatile toy, B-Vibe makes plugs that can be used for prostate stimulation or general butt play. The company even offers different weighted anal plugs and also a training kit for beginners.

How To Use Prostate Massager?

Lubricate well, relax and insert your prostate massager and rest the massager on your prostate. If your prostate massager vibrates, you can turn it on after you have inserted the massager. Rotate it in circular motion to stimulate your prostate. 

What Is Aneros?

Few companies are as lauded for their prostate toys as Aneros. There is no arguing that the sex toy company has mastered the art of making prostate massagers. These can be used for solo play, and a couple can experiment with them as well. Although Aneros toys have designs that can provide intense prostate stimulation, it can take some trial and error to figure out how.

Almost every Aneros toy you can buy has an insertable shaft. Many of these prostate massagers have two external ones, one that presses against the skin between the testicles and anus (the perineum) to provide stimulate the prostate from the outside while the shaft stimulates the sensitive organ internally and another that you can use to position and control the toy. This is sometimes called the trident design.

Aneros toys with this design include the:

Helix Syn
Progasm Classic
Progasm Ice
Progasm Jr.
Trident Series
Vice 2

Of these, the Vice 2 and DeVice vibrate. Several toys, including the Eupho and Helix, are available in red-and-black color schemes under the "Syn" name. The main difference between these models, aside from vibration, is size. For example, the Progasm Jr. is smaller than the Progasm classic.

How To Use Aneros?

No matter which massager you choose, you want to make sure you know how to use it to get the most pleasure out of it. You can lubricate the toy, your anus, or both. Water-based lubricants are compatible with every toy. You may be able to use silicone lube, but you should perform a test by applying a small amount of lube to the base of the toy and rubbing for at least five minutes to determine if it will react to the silicone in the toy. No reaction? You are good to go.

Make sure you are relaxed when it is time for insertion. The curve of the shaft should angle toward your penis to ensure it faces your prostate. When in place, one arm should fit snugly against your perineum.

Aneros also makes some non-trident designs, including the vibrating Vivi and the stainless steel Tempo, a versatile probe. Vivi's shaft is angled, so you should insert it with the curve toward your prostate just like the trident toys. Tempo is straight and symmetrical but should be turned so that the flat base fits between your cheeks. You can insert the probe as far as you like and experiment with pulling it in add out.

Some people simply enjoy inserting these toys while having sex or masturbating, or you can use the third arm to rock the toy against your prostate. This arm also helps you get the toy into place and remove it when you're finished playing.

How To Clean Anal Toys?

After using them, simply wash with mild soap or toy cleaner and water before storing them. Silicone, metal, and glass toys can be boiled for three minutes to sanitize. To be 100% sure that your anal toy is clean, stick your toy up the UV Sterilizer Pouch by B-vibe. 3 minutes is all it takes for the b-Vibe UV Sterilizer to sanitize your toys thoroughly - kills up to 99.9% germs.