Does my Low Sex Drive Signifies Something Wrong With My Relationship?

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You may notice that you have a lower sex drive than your partner does. In other words, you may feel like having sex a lot less than he or she does. The issue may make you wonder if something is wrong with your relationship and if you need to go to couples counseling or end your relationship. Having a lower sex drive than your partner may or may not indicate a relationship problem. Here's why:

Many Females Are Driven by Emotions

Your lower sex drive may or may not mean that your relationship is in trouble. Many females are driven by their emotions. Such women have a higher sex drive when they are deeply connected to the other person emotionally. A low sex drive could indicate that you have some reservations about the relationship, or you do not feel as strongly as you'd like to about your partner.

Hormonal Changes Can Affect Sex Drive

Hormonal changes can also change the sex drive of a man or woman. Pubescent and young adolescents have the highest sex drive of anyone. A menopausal person probably has the lowest. Anything that causes a shift in hormones can cause the sex drive to increase or decrease. That means taking medication can lower your sex drive. Your monthly cycle can alter your sex drive as well. Therefore, you should consider these things and think about making some changes. You may be able to cease taking a certain medication or make some dietary changes that can help you with the issue you're having.

Family and Worklife Can Affect the Sex Drive

Other factors can affect your sex drive as well. For example, stress is one of the biggest reasons people don't feel like being intimate. Therefore, a problem at your job could cause you to shut down on your spouse when you get home. Worrying about bills and other problems can also make you less responsive at home. You can talk to the other person, visit a counselor or advisor, or speak to your partner in private to try to solve the issues. A low sex drive might not mean the demise of your relationship at all.

Drinks and Diet Can Change Your Sex Drive

Your diet can affect your sex drive as well. Certain drinks and foods are much more likely to exhaust you than others are. You may also lose your sex drive if you do not get enough water into your system. Be sure that you consume eight ounces of water daily.

Now you know that your lower sex drive doesn't necessarily mean that your relationship is in trouble. However, you need to dig further into why you may be having issues with your sex drive. There might be a simplified solution to the issue. It could just be a matter of spicing up your activities with couple toys.

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