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Do Women Need Feminine Wash?

  • 2 min read

Do Women Need Feminine Wash?

Most women like to have a cleanfresh-feeling vagina. For some, a regular wash with soap and water is more than enough. However, many women find regular soaps too irritating or that plain water does not provide the all-over refreshment they need. Some girls report higher instances of acquiring a UTI (urinary tract infection) from harsh cleansing methods, or from not cleaning well enough. In these cases, the feminine wash may help.

To maintain vulvar and vaginal health, a person must ensure that two important aspects remain balanced: their pH, which is a measurement that denotes something’s acidity or alkalinity, and their bacterial balance.

What is a feminine wash?

Feminine wash also known as intimate wash are mostly gentle, pH-balanced, hypoallergenic, and contains no ingredient that could disrupt the normal pH level of the vagina. Feminine wash are also recommended to be unscented as a fragrance might irritate the vagina which makes it prone to infections.

What makes feminine wash different from other hygiene products such as douches? Wash particularly focuses on the outer structures of the vagina - the vulva, pubic mound, and pubic hair. These areas have unique hygiene needs different from the rest of the body.

Even women who rarely have sensitive skin issues can find their vulva becomes irritated by regular soap or body wash. If you experience irritation or problems with body odor downstairs, a feminine wash can be a welcome addition to your regular hygiene practice. Many uses wash as part of a daily care routine, to freshen up between showers, or to help stay clean during their period.

What to look for in a feminine wash?

A good feminine wash contains natural ingredients instead of harsh detergents that can lead to dryness or irritation. It should be easy to use and convenient to carry. (We are fond of spray bottles.) PH balanced formulas, hypoallergenic ingredients, and light moisturizers are all favorite features to look out for.

Some women enjoy scented washes while others like to keep things natural. If you go the scented route, make sure your wash of choice does not contain any ingredients that could cause irritation. Natural oils in hypoallergenic solutions are a pleasant alternative to chemical fragrances.