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Different sex positions to try this 2021

  • 2 min read

Different sex positions to try this 2021

Are you stuck in a sexual rut? Perhaps you've been doing the same sex positions for years. Give one–or all–of these sex positions a go!

Seated Wheelbarrow

Several sex positions pay homage to the wheelbarrow, and they all have something in common–the man penetrates and grasps the legs of his partner, who faces downward and supports herself with her hands flat on the floor. The Seated Wheelbarrow is one of the easiest ways to give this unique sex position a try. The man sits on the edge of the bed with his feet flat on the floor. The woman sits on his lap then leans forward onto her hands while her legs spread around his waist. He can grab her waist or legs, and he's in the perfect position to spank him!

Crab Walk

Do you remember crab walking across the floor as a child? As an adult, you can get into a similar position if you want to try a new sex position! Have the man sit while leaning back on his straight arms with knees bent and feet on the floor in front of him. The woman sits between his legs and drapes her legs over his upper thighs, and rests her feet on the bed on either side of him. She can lean back on her arms or lie down with his feet tucked under her arms.

Stand & Deliver

If you like standing sex, you might like this variation. The penetrating partner stands behind his partner for vaginal or anal penetration. The receiving partner stands in front with legs slightly spread and bends in half at the waist with their arms straight back toward their butt. The partners can hold hands or, if you like it kinky, the man can hold his partner's wrists and prevent them from moving! Plus, holding the wrists provides leverage for thrusting.

At Your Service

The final position on this list isn't for penetrative sex, but it works great for either cunnilingus or analingus (rim jobs). The lucky receiving partner gets in a position similar to Downward Dog with their body bent at the waist and both hands and feet on the floor. Their partner kneels on the floor behind them and leans forward to give oral ministrations. If the giving partner is taller, they can sit on the floor rather than kneel, or the other partner can raise up on their tiptoes. The receiving can also bring their hands closer to their feet for a more extreme angle that lifts their body. If the giver is shorter, sitting on a pillow can help, or their partner can stretch out further to lower their body.