Cute (Naughty) Xmas Gift Exchange Ideas for Your Christmas Party 2022

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Have you ever considered giving a sex toy or accessory as a gift? It can be a great way to surprise your partner, spice up your sex life, cause a friend to laugh, and make unforgettable memories! Cherry Affairs carries plenty of goodies to consider in all price ranges. Keep reading if your interest is piqued.

Toys for Discreet and Naughty Presents

We've got plenty of discreet toys to consider, whether you don't want others to know what you're giving someone for the holidays or someone simply wants a sex toy that isn't easily recognized by prying eyes. You could even request that everyone at your Christmas party buys something naughty for a White Elephant exchange!

The classic lipstick vibrator comes to mind almost immediately, and it's perfect for clitoral stimulation. You can find chic modern wands and vibrators that double as necklaces, too. You'll also find vibrators in the shape of mascara, lightbulbs, ice cream cones, and makeup brushes, to name just a few.

Tenga Eggs are a great gift for the guy in your life who wants to spice up his solo time. These one-time-use strokers are super stretchy and come in a variety of textures, so your recipient will never get bored--and you won't be bored if you get to watch him use it!

The great thing about some of these gifts is that they fit into stockings! Or you could toss a few into a gift bag or box and wrap it with love and a festive bow. And if you want to be the gift, you can even wrap youself up in a bow for your partner to untie!

Gift Sets

For a more substantial holiday present, consider gift sets that include multiple items. The following will get you started.

And although not technically sets, you could pair one of the massage candles by Bijoux Cosmetiques with their Aphrodisia Body Mist. They're all adorned in sleek black and gold that practically screams "luxury!"

Novelties and More

What if you're not shopping for a lover? Then you might prefer a funny novelty gift to make everyone at a bachelorette party laugh--or blush! We've got everything from naughty aprons to voodoo dolls to light up accessories. If you're planning a party, we've got balloons, including boobies and peckers, and banners galore. Don't forget to check out our games, which are sure to keep everyone entertained for hours, especially if a little alcohol is involved!

So what are you waiting for? It's time to have some fun!

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