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Condoms You Can Buy Discreetly in Singapore - Durex, Okamoto

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Condoms You Can Buy Discreetly in Singapore - Durex, Okamoto

Many people want to engage in safe sex these days, but not everyone wants to buy their condoms openly. Some people prefer to make discreet online condom purchases. If this is you, then you'll be glad to know that you can buy condoms safely and securely from Singapore. The inventory of Durex and Okamoto condoms is extensive. You can browse through the various products and choose some protection that's perfect for you.

Durex Condoms

Durex has a huge inventory of gels to enhance your sexual experience, as well as condoms, to keep you safe and protected. All are available in packs of 12s and 3s.

  1. Durex Fetherlite Ultima Condoms are designed to give you the highest level of natural pleasure you can achieve. With its Sensi-fit™ technology, sensitivity is enhanced. Nominal width 52mm. Straight walled.
  2. Durex Fetherlite Condoms, that while still providing the same high level of reassurance and protection, they are shaped to be easier to put on and provide a sleek fit and feeling during sex. Nominal width 52.5mm.
  3. Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive Condoms are designed to give you discreet pleasure without agitating your skin or causing friction. These condoms are the thinnest ever developed by Durex, designed to maximize sensitivity, while still providing a high level of security and protection. Nominal Width: 52mm. Straight walled.
  4. Durex Invisible Extra Lubricated Condoms are designed for that gliding smooth experience. Again, the thinnest condom ever developed by Durex. Nominal Width: 52mm. Straight walled.
  5. Durex Real Feel Condoms are one of the latest creation by Durex. Made from a technologically advanced, non-latex material that feels a-lot like real skin. Nominal width 56 mm.
  6. Durex Pleasuremax Condoms are shaped and textured to intensify sensation. Ribbed and studded texture for added stimulation for you and your partner. Nominal width 56mm.
  7. Durex Tingle Condoms are well coated with a special tingling mint lube designed to enhance sensation during sex. Nominal width 52.5mm.
  8. Durex Sensation Condoms are designed with hundreds of raised studs that offers extra stimulation. Nominal width 52.5mm.
  9. Durex Extra Safe Condoms are slightly thicker condoms with extra lubrication to provide extra reassurance without affecting sensitivity. Nominal width 52.5mm.
  10. Durex Love Condoms are created with an Easy-On shape with pleasure gel for greater comfort to those who need it. Nominal width 52.5mm.
  11. Durex Together Condoms created with an Easy-On shape with pleasure gel for greater comfort to those who need it. Nominal width 52.5mm.
  12. Durex Close Fit Condoms feature a tighter fit as compared to other condoms. Nominal width 49mm.
  13. Durex Comfort XL Condoms feature a longer and wider fit. It is larger in size than other condoms. Nominal width 56mm.
  14. Durex Mutual Climax condoms are designed to give both of you ultimate pleasure with every thrust. It is textured to intensify sensation and contain a delay lubricant to help prolong sexual performance to stimulate you both. Nominal width 56mm.
  15. Durex Performa Condoms contain a special lube – called Benzocaine – inside the condom which helps the man to delay climax and prolong excitement…for longer-lasting sex.

The manufacturers made sure they created for all types of people with various needs. All condoms are electronically and dermatologically tested. Take a few minutes to browse the inventory, and you will find something that's perfect for you.

Okamoto Condoms

The selection of Okamoto condoms is extensive enough for you to find anything you so desire for yourself and your partner.
  1. Okamoto 001 Zero One condom is the thinnest condom in the Okamoto condom line-up. Available in packet of 2. Made of polyurethane, it allows heat to be transmitted faster and better than normal latex condoms and is especially well received by users allergic to latex. Nominal Width 53 ± 2mm.
  2. Okamoto 002 Hydro Polyurethane Condom is the second thinnest condom in the Okamoto condom line-up. Also made of polyurethane. Nominal Width 55 ± 3mm.
  3. Okamoto 003 Aloe Condoms are coated with water-based lubricant. It is less messy, less sticky and easy to wash off. Enriched with natural aloe vera, it moisturises and prevent irritation. Nominal Width 52 ± 2mm.
  4. Okamoto 003 Cool Condoms are coated with cooling menthol lubricant, which promotes temperature play. It increases sensitivity and pleasure for both your partner and you. Nominal Width 52 ± 2mm.
  5. Okamoto 003 Hyaluronic Acid Condoms are coated with Hyaluronan which enhances the sexual experience with more moisture and pleasure effect. Nominal Width 52 ± 2mm.
  6. Okamoto 003 Platinum Condoms are the first of the whole 003 range, created with efficiency and performance in mind. No rubber smell, and easy to roll on. Nominal Width 52 ± 2mm.
  7. Okamoto 003 Real Fit Condoms are created to fit you closer and better, like a glove. Nominal Width 52 ± 2mm.
  8. Okamoto Big Boy Condoms are specially created for the larger fit. We know that one size does not fit all. It is made 5mm larger in diameter to allow for a more comfortable fit/experience for those of you with a bigger package. Nominal Width 57±2mm–54±2mm.
  9. Okamoto Crown Condoms are pink tinted and are voted as the best condom for 10 consecutive years. Nominal Width 52 ± 2mm.
  10. Okamoto Harmony Vibra RibbedCondoms are designed with row after row of stimulating ribs. This doubles the friction for maximum intensity. Nominal Width 52 ± 2mm.
  11. Okamoto Orchid Condoms are ultra thin for sheer pleasure. Nominal Width 52 ± 2mm.
  12. Okamoto Roman Rose Pattern Condoms are embossed with rose patterns to enhance pleasure for your blossoming relationship. Nominal Width 52 ± 2mm.
  13. Okamoto Sensation Condoms - for maximum sensation! Nominal Width 52 ± 2mm.

How to Order

Ordering condoms is easy to do. Once you find something that interests you, you can add it to cart, check out and make payment. For the fastest delivery, remember to select Same Day Delivery. Packaging is discreet, with no information or logo on the parcel. Nobody will know what you have purchased, except you (and us, of course). Now you know how extensive the choices that you have are. You can order your condoms with the highest level of security and discretion as early as today. Practice safe sex!