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Choosing The Right Sex Toy

  • 3 min read

Sex toy is a wonderful way to get to know yourself better and have fun in the process, but picking the right one for you tends to be a very personal matter. Everyone has at least a slightly different preference when it comes to those most intimate moments in the bedroom. If you have a significant other, sex toys can even be a way to spice things up and bring you even closer to your partner. Luckily for everyone, there's likely to be a toy to suit your own personal needs. Shopping online does add a level of discretion, and lets you take advantage of everything from customer service support to user reviews.

How do you know for sure which sex toy is right for you? While the answer could be summarized as simply choosing the toy that turns you on, most will need to understand what each type of toy does before being able to know for sure. Lets take a look at some of the more commonly used sex toys.

Dildos [For women, men, and couples]

Dildos are often made to resemble a penis, but they do come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Dildos are used primarily for penetration, whether its in the vagina, or wherever you would like to use it. Some dildos have suction cups at the base, so you can attach them to, lets say, the side of your bath tub and ride it to ultimate climax, hands free.

When you're looking for a dildo, the most important factor is usually size. Most of the time, the length and circumference of the dildo will be listed in details. The average size of dildos tends to be about 5 to 6 inches in length, which is perfect for most women. If you're looking for a way to feel some climactic penetration without the need for batteries, a dildo is an excellent choice.

Vibrators [For women, men, and couples]

Vibrators come in many forms, but the most popular are the bullet vibrator and the rabbit style vibrator. A bullet is a very small vibrator, usually no bigger than your thumb, that women and couples use to provide clitoral stimulation. Many women swear by them, as they're portable and you can easily hide them in purse. Rabbit style vibrators are essentially dildos with an attached clitoral vibrator, so you get double the pleasure. Some rabbit vibrators have rotating beads or heads that will stimulate the g-spot to help you reach an even higher level of ecstasy. Men can gain pleasure from prostate vibrators as well, as the p-spot are stimulated in the similar way to that a g-spot. Some are battery powered, but newer vibrators are offering the convenience of USB charging. If you want more intense stimulation, vibrators are definitely the go-to toy.

Male Masturbator [For men and couples]

Masturbators or masturbation sleeves are textured "sleeves" that are made so that the man can insert his penis and stroke away to ecstasy. Sometimes they resemble vaginas, but some have additional textures to give you sensations that you may not be able to get from the "real thing". If you're looking to either make your masturbation session more pleasurable and are tired of the same old hands, then a masturbation sleeve is the way to go.

One of the most popular masturbator is the Fleshlight. They come in a sturdy plastic case with a latex masturbation sleeve inside. The case keeps it firm and tight, and can even provide suction to enhance the experience, as well as making for a discrete look so you don't have to worry about anyone noticing what it is. There are a variety of textures, from ridges to spirals, to really take you to the next level of pleasure. Cleanup is a breeze, since you can just remove the cap on the end and rinse with warm water.

Cock Rings [For men and couples]

Cock rings are rings that you place on the penis during arousal. They can serve to keep the penis harder, or they can enhance pleasure for both you and your partner. Some of them have bullet vibrators attached to them to enhance pleasure for both the man that is wearing it and also provide clitoral stimulation for the woman that he is with. It can also turn the entire penis into a vibrator itself if the vibrations are strong enough. A cock ring can definitely be a fun addition to play time in the bedroom.

Now that you know a bit about each of the types of sex toys, the next step is to consider what type of pleasure you think you enjoy the most.