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Best Sex Toys for Men

  • 2 min read

Best Sex Toys for Men


When we think of sex toys, we usually think about the colorful vibrators that women store in their drawers. But sex toys aren't just for women. There are plenty of male sex toys out there, specifically made to bring pleasure to men. So let us explore our options, shall we? Here are the most popular sex toys for men.


This may be the most widely known male masturbator. The fleshlight is an artificial toy that simulates a vagina. This masturbatory aid holds a vaginal-like opening that is shockingly close to what a vagina feels and looks like. Fleshlights tend to be made of comfortable material designed to enhance a sexual experience.  

Love Dolls

Looking for a cute companion during your sensual time? The love doll may be the toy you are looking for. Love dolls are meant to give a little boost to your imagination. Many of these dolls come with luscious hair, pretty faces, and ideal body shapes designed to peak a man's lust. Love dolls come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes, perfect for those who are looking for a little variety. Some of these dolls are made to fit certain sex positions. 


Cherry Affairs has a wide range of masturbators to aid in your sexual experience. With toys like the Autoblow 2+ Masturbator, it hardly feels like any effort is being put forth. These toys are made with comfortability, accessibility, and optimal pleasure in mind. Some of these masturbatory aids come with specialized features. Some toys are high tech, like the BKK Virtual Reality Masturbation Device ; this fantastic toy uses innovative VR technology to provide you with life-like pornographic imagery.

Cock Rings

Cock rings have one purpose: to produce a stronger erection by restricting blood flow. The stronger the erection, the longer a sexual experience can last. Cock rings come in different sizes, so you should have no problem finding the perfect fit for you.

Penis Pumps

Just like a cock ring, a penis pump is meant to manipulate blood for a specific reason. In this case, a penis pump will create a pressure to enlarge a man's penis. With this tool, you can maximize length and girth to an impressive size. You can wow your partner with the Bathmate  Hydromax5 Penis Pump or the Male Edge Penis Extender

Gay Toys

Sex toys aren't just for straight men. There are a variety of sex toys specifically made for gay guys. For example, there's the Pride Dildo Silicone is a bright, rainbow-colored dildo, or the Fleshlight Fleshjack  Boys Kevin Warhol dildo.