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Best Clitoral Air Stimulators 2021

  • 2 min read

Best Clitoral Air Stimulators 2021

While you used to be limited when it came to options to stimulate your clitoris, that's not the case. You can choose from powerful wands, discreet lipstick vibrators, or toys that suck. Of course, we mean that in the good way! Clitoral air stimulators took the world by storm a few years ago, and there are plenty of options for those shopping in 2021. But which is the best sex toy will be the best for you? Read on to find out!

LELO - Enigma Dual Stimulation Sonic Clitoral Air Stimulator Massager (Black)

The first thing many shoppers will notice about newer clitoral air stimulators is that they're no longer just for clitoral stimulation! Companies have perfected the single-use toy, so they've turned their sights on dual stimulators that incorporate air pulse technology. The newest of these is Lelo's Enigma, a dual stimulator that's as sophisticated as it is pleasurable that's available both in black and deep rose. The insertable portion curls around your G-spot to hug it tightly, while the nozzle swaddles the clitoris. A gorgeous metallic panel reminds us that for Lelo, design is never an afterthought.

Erocome - Apus Rabbit Clitoral Air Stimulator Vibrator (Pink)

However, Lelo isn't the company pushing clitoral suction toys to their limit. Erocome has designed a clever toy, the Apus Rabbit, that has multiple functions. Not only can you use it as a traditional rabbit vibrator, but it also has a sucking function on the back of the shaft. The flexible shaft means that it's a perfect fit for every body, something that few rabbit vibrators can offer!

Satisfyer, a company that made its name by offering more affordable air stimulators continues to offer innovative products to consumers. For example, the Dual Love has both a massager end, which you can use for clitoral or G-spot play, and a suction end. Plus, it works with the company's app. In fact, all of Satisfyer's new toys can be controlled by an app, either locally via Bluetooth or by a partner over the Internet. Plus, app-enabled toys can also respond to your playlist or ambient sounds.

Check out the Love Triangle, a clitoral massage with a unique and ergonomic triangular shape and chic rose gold details if you're looking for something completely different.

Of course, sometimes you don't need to change the recipe when you've got a winner. Womanizer, which was the first company to offer air stimulators to consumers, isn't fixing what isn't broken. However, the company has recently partnered with Lily Allen to develop a sleek Pleasure Air toy that's adorable and portable--thanks to its travel case!

Whether you've waited to see if clit air toys are all they're cracked up to be or you're looking to upgrade your first-generation sucker, you've got plenty of options. Browse all air clitoral stimulators here.