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Are All Vibrators The Same?

  • 2 min read

A vibrator, generally, is a powered device designed to give sexual pleasure to women, although some types are also suitable for anal play by men. There are overall several types of vibrator.

Clitoral massagers are made to be used directly on the clitoris - they come in varying shapes and sizes to suit differences in anatomy. Some of them come with remote control or are designed to mimic the sensation of oral sex.

G spot vibrators are internal vibrators designed to make it particularly easy to find a woman's "G spot." Some are also designed to stimulate the clitoris. These vibrators are designed for vaginal insertion and sometimes sculpted to resemble a penis.

Wand massagers can be used both as a vibrator and as a "body massager" for relaxation - in fact, they are very good for relieving muscle aches after physical exertion. They tend to be stronger than other sex toys and are generally used through clothing. Wand massagers also come in a mini size for travel use.

Rabbit vibrators are so called because they have a clitoral stimulator that looks like a set of rabbit ears. They are designed for simultaneous internal and external stimulation, and are considered a symbol of female sexuality.

And finally, for the guys, prostate massagers are internal anal vibrators designed for prostate stimulation and to help guys find their P spot. So, yes, vibrators are not just for women. (Although women who enjoy anal play might try an anal vibrator too).

So - all different kinds of vibrators. Which one is best? It depends! Women who do not get much from vaginal penetration might be most comfortable with a clitoral massager. A wand massager has the advantage of actually being good for those sore spots as well, but may be too powerful for some users. Some women consider rabbit vibes the ultimate sex toy.

Within these categories, there are hundreds of different shapes and styles - and colors - making the choice even harder. It's a shame there aren't vibrator libraries where we can go try a few out! The right vibrator depends on the kind of stimulation you prefer, where you want to use it (If you travel a lot, you probably want a mini wand), and your body - which you know better than anyone else. Regardless, though, if you take the time to look you can be sure and certain the right vibrator is out there for you. It might not be the same one that is right for your best friend - so remember, it's all personal!