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Benefits of Buying Sex Toys Online

  • 2 min read

Sex toys, one of the most personal and private purchases made by an individual. Sex toys can be for just a man, just a woman, or couples. Mainstream sex toys such as lubricants as advertised on television and even maybe feathery handcuffs do exist. In reality, most areas of the country have few sex stores, maybe one and some none.  Most of these stores sell only mainstream toys, maybe dildos, and sexual outfits. Lack of competition, lack of variety, and lack of guidance from sales staff if you do find a more adventurous sex toy results in increased prices but no real variety or guidance. Honestly, how many people want to look another person in the face and ask what some sex toys do, what to start with, how to use it, how to get yourself and/or you and your partner into using sex toys.

Online stores provide privacy many people want and need. There are countless stores from all over the world online. The amount and variety of merchandise is astounding. One site alone had over 20 shapes and sizes of dildos along with an equally large collection of vibrators, nipple toys, sexercises, penis rings, rabbit vibrators, anal toys, pulsators, smart balls, metal balls, glass balls, only men toys, eggs, sex toy kits, Master-Slave Kits, and even a magic bullet that uses a USB port. Under all these areas are numerous separate toys. The websites go into full descriptions as to what the toy does to enhance pleasure, how to use the toy, and the care of these products. Some websites recommend use of medical-grade silicone over latex since they are more user friendly than latex, are more hygienic and latex ages faster than medical–grade silicone.  Competitive pricing and even abundant sales appear on numerous websites since there is so much competition for business and new product lines entering the market place.

Some of the websites suggest what and how a newbie can enter the sex toy world, should start with acting either alone or with a partner so that the experience is not embarrassing but pleasurable. You can also email questions you and /or your partner may have regarding any toy or explain what you are trying to achieve and ask for their suggestions.

Sex toys are a very profitable online business. Worldwide in 2008 it was worth $15 billion an increase of thirty percent over the previous year. China leads the market making sex toys. Online gives the best of all worlds whatever direction you and/or your partner decide to go and what you do in your bedroom it stays there. Everything is sent very discreetly so that no one can tell it is coming from an online sex shop. Therefore, for those of you interested surf the web you definitely will find guidance, variety, competitive pricing and anonymity.