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5 Ways to Improve Sex

  • 3 min read

5 Ways to Improve Sex


The sex is good, but it can always be better. Here are five ways to spice up pleasure sessions with your partner.

1. Practice self-love

For some reason, self-love is equated with selfishness. There is nothing wrong, however, with knowing your worth and appreciating it. You should love your body, flaws and all, before expecting anyone else to adore your makeup.

Contrary to some beliefs, self-love is not a matter of getting in the mirror every day and telling yourself how beautiful you are and how any man or woman should be elated to have you as a partner. In many cases, those confident in their skin understand their worth to the extent of not needing to flaunt it. Such confidence carries over into the bedroom and leads to good loving.

2. Exercise

Your doctor is not trying to gimmick you into developing a workout routine when he tells you that exercise equals good sex. Several studies have proven that cardiovascular strength can help you go the distance and into overdrive during intercourse. Imagine wearing her out and asking for more. Thirty minutes of daily cardiovascular exercise (i.e., running, walking, or swimming) coupled with a bit of strength training will do that for you!

3. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Onions and garlic often get a bad reputation because of their overbearing smell. Did you know, though, that both of these products contribute to better blood circulation? Anyone who knows anything about sex understands that orgasms and all of the things that you cherish about the act would not be possible without good blood flow.

Bananas also contribute to better sex as they contain properties that help lower blood pressure. You may want to consider eating chilies and peppers on a regular basis if you want to go from good to absolutely stellar sex. These spices reduce hypertension and inflammation in the body.

4. Calm the stress levels

You cannot orgasm while hyped. In the same manner, your body cannot fully absorb the sexual experience that your partner is giving while you are worried about the job’s workload. Make it a point to reduce stress levels by taking a walk every day. You definitely do not want to give into high emotions by eating as stress triggers a heavy appetite that wreaks havoc on your sex life.

5. Take in the sunlight

The sun is one element of nature that sometimes gets a bad reputation. Some link sunshine with cancer and, thus, deem any form of exposure as dangerous.

While it is true that excessive exposure to the sun’s rays is quite harmful, there is nothing wrong with getting daily sunshine. The sunlight of it all definitely boosts your sex life as the sun naturally reduces the amount of melatonin produced. Melatonin is an enemy to sex as it is the one hormone the calms sexual urges. You don’t want to be calm when you’re ready to get it on with your partner!

Sex is a beautiful moment in which two souls are joined together for few other reasons than to make love. There is always bad sex, but then there is also just good intercourse. Take your experience from nice to naughty in all of the right ways with these tips.