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Fun for 2 - Couples Sex Toys

  • 2 min read

You've just had dinner, you've been tossing sexy looks back and forth all night - now it's time to head to the bedroom and start exploring one another as you let your passions out to play. It's possible, however, that you've been together awhile and the thought of the same positions and routine is just...well...uninspiring. Not to worry! It isn't a reflection on the way you feel about one another, or your prowess behind closed doors, it's a natural part of enjoying sex with the same person over a long period of time. Thankfully there are lots of new and exciting adult toys on the market to help you shake things up!

Foreplay Means More Play

Most shoppers considering adult toys for couples only think about vibes, dildos and other toys used during sex, but there are lots of fun possibilities designed to get your engines revved, rather than solely for the main event. Just like fine china enhances a gourmet meal or a velvet curtain inspires the audience to watch the stage, some visual flirtation may be just the thing to set the mood. Why not consider a set of naughty temporary tattoos to whet his appetite? Placed as a strategic "treasure hunt" all over your body, your lover will be eager to discover and explore every one! Further awaken his or her senses with a discreet finger vibrator that turns every touch into a tempting tingle and you'll be rewarded with lots of lusty responses.

Try Your Own 50 Shades of Grey Night

BDSM has become a very popular new area for couples to enjoy, and that means there are a ton of interesting possibilities in the world of adult toys to bring bondage to the bedroom. One of the most user-friendly beginner bondage toys is bondage tape - a soft, semi-flexible ribbon that only sticks to itself. Once you and your partner fall in lust with the amazing feeling of being tied up, you can graduate to silky wrist cuffs that delight the senses as they hold a willing captive - soft and decadent, ready to be explored. For the true BDSM masters, there's always deluxe full bed bondage kits - perfect for a long night of testing limits and teasing your lover to the peaks of satisfaction.

One of the best ways to ensure you're picking a toy or adult novelty item you'll both love is to shop together online - you'll be comfortable in your own home, enjoy discreet shipping and find out alluring things about your partner's tastes. Don't settle for boring sex when there's so much more aching to be experienced - try couples sex toys tonight!