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4 Secrets For Sex Toy Shopping

  • 2 min read

Some features of adult novelties sound super-amazing but may puzzle the beginning toy user just trying to shop for something fun and satisfying. If you're wide-eyed at all the choices you have at your fingertips as you shop for sex toys online, here are a few helpful hints to keep in mind.

1.) The bigger the battery (generally) the higher the power.

Batteries are a great indicator of vibration strength when you aren't able to physically pick up the toy you have your eye on. AAA-powered toys, such as bullet vibrators or their famous cousins, pocket rockets, tend to be strong when used on a sensitive erogenous zone and have a "high, buzzy" type of feeling against the skin. As you move into AAs, the power source for most traditional vibes, the sensations start to get a little deeper and more massage-like in intensity. C batteries are typically only used for very large vibrating sex toys these days, but they will pack the most punch as far as sensation. If it plugs into the wall? Hold on and get ready for a hell of a ride, because that's a sex toy that's going to rock your world.

2.) Make sure your toy works with your favorite lubricant.

When using lube with a sex toy - always a good idea, by the way - water-based lubricant is your best option. Using silicone or oil-based lubricants on a toy that is made of silicone or a silicone blend will weaken the external surface material and may even break it, over time. Water-based lubricants are also considerably easier to clean up!

3.) If you have current toys that you like, use them as a "jumping off point" when shopping for new sex toys online.

It's fun to mix it up and try new things, but brand new or unique toys shouldbe a supplement to a few favorites you know you'll love. If you prefer external stimulation, build a small stash of hand-held vibes, if you tend to go for internal fun, rabbit vibrators are a fan favorite. Don't be afraid to explore your boundaries, but snagging a little insurance in the form of "back up" favorites will never steer you wrong!

4.) Make a note of your absolute favorite toy's name, measurements, power source and so on.

If you're enlisting help from an online sales associate for an internet sex toy store or even a significant other, the more information you can provide on your preferences, the better. Knowing, for example, that 8" is just a little too big for your tastes, or that you prefer a certain girth, will help you narrow down your selection from thousands of tantalizing sex toy choices.