15 Best Sex Positions for Deep Penetration

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Ah, penetration. The holy grail of sex. Getting as close as physically possible to your partner and experiencing true connectedness. And what better way to take that connection to the next level than exploring the depths of deep penetration. Now, hold onto your seat – we’re about to explore the 15 best positions for deep penetration.

Position #1 – The High Rider. This position creates a great angle for a deeper penetration. Begin by lying down on your back and having your partner enter you while on top, lowering their torso down to yours. This will create a connection and add the depth you are looking for.

Position #2 – The Reverse Cowgirl. This position puts your partner in control of the depth and intensity of their movements. Begin by lying flat on your back and have your partner straddle you, facing away from you. This gives you the opportunity to wrap your arms and legs around them and make each movement more meaningful. The reverse cowgirl is great for playing with different depths.

Position #3 – The Spoon. Need we say more? This classic position is the perfect place to experiment with greater depths. Have your partner lie on their side and enter from behind. This way, they can adjust their angle to hit those deeper spots. Plus, you can both enjoy the closeness that spooning offers.

Position #4 – The Leapfrog. This playful position creates some pretty impressive penetration angles. Have your partner enter you from the front while kneeling and use their hands to stabilize themselves on a flat surface, such as the floor or the bed. This way, you can both play with different movements and depths.

Position #5 – The Flat Doggy. This is a great variation of doggy style and allows for deeper penetration. Begin by both kneeling down, facing the same direction. As your partner enters you from behind, you can lean forward onto your hands, giving them the opportunity to penetrate even deeper.

Position #6 – The Cowboy. Feel like you’re in the Wild West! Have your partner straddle you while facing you, then wrap your arms around them to make any movement even more intimate. This way, they can adjust the angle to reach those harder-to-reach spots.

Position #7 – The Anvil. This position offers a great angle for deeper penetration and has been known to be quite pleasurable. To start, lie down on the bed while your partner kneels in front of you, facing away. Have your partner enter from behind, then use your first to stimulate the clitoris while they get deeper.

Position #8 – The Standing Rear Entry. This is one of our favorite positions and great for playing around with different depths. Have your partner stand behind you and enter from behind. And, if you aren't quite up for standing yet, you can always kneel in front of the bed and have your partner kneel as well while entering from behind.

Position #9 – The Bridge. Add some variety to your sex life with this position! Begin by lying on your back and have your partner kneel facing you. Your partner can then grab your hips and penetrate deeper than before. Bonus tip: Move your hips up and down to create even more friction and pleasure.

Position #10 – The Scissors. This position combines penetration with clitoral stimulation for a powerful combo. Have your partner lie on the bed with their legs spread wide open. You then kneel over their pelvis, with your upper and middle body vertical, and enter your partner. You can then scissor your legs together for greater stimulation.

Position #11 - Plain Old Doggy Style. As one of the most popular positions, it's no surprise that Doggy Style is great for deep penetration. Start by entering from behind while your partner is on hands and knees. Experiment with different angles and depths to get the position just right.

Position #12 - Missionary. Most people think of the missionary position as the most vanilla and least exciting, but it can be great for deep penetration. If your partner arches their back it will give you access to their inner sanctum.


Position #13 - Edge of the bed. Have your partner lie on the edge of the bed while you stand or kneel in front of them. This will give you great access to their deep spots.


Position #14 - Against the wall. How romantic! Push them up against the wall while you kneel or stand in front of them. This will allow full access to all areas, as their shoulders and arms are free to move.

Position #15 - Upside down. Have your partner lie on their back with their head hanging off the bed and their feet on the bed. This gives you direct access to their innermost depths.

If you're looking to take your sex life to the next level, deep penetration is the way to go. Not only does it provide a more intense and satisfying experience, it can lead to more intense orgasms and new sensations. With these 15 best positions for deep penetration, you and your partner can explore and find new ways to spice up your sex life!

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