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Is It Alright to Buy Sex Toys as a Gift?

  • 2 min read

So, you are thinking of giving sex toys as a gift, and you want to know if it is a good idea. The first question you must ask yourself is why you are considering giving this person a sex toy as a gift. Are you interested in having this person think about you while he or she is using the toy? Are you experienced with using such products, and you just want to spread the joy to another person? Perhaps you are just a person who likes to see a shocked reaction. The reason you are thinking of buying the sex toy does not matter, but your relationship with the receiver does.

Sex toys are a wonderful gift for a person that you have already gifted in this manner. He or she will not be surprised to find a 13-inch dildo or a set of bum beads under flowery wrappings. In fact, that person will probably be delighted to receive such an item. However, you cannot buy sex toys for a person with whom you have not discussed the topic, unless that person is your spouse or mate. It is acceptable to give your lover a sex toy for an anniversary or birthday. That way, the two of you can enjoy the wonders of the item together. You should not purchase a sex toy for a neighbor, conservative friend or parent without approaching the subject first.

How Do You Approach the Subject of Sex Toys?

That is a good question. You have to handle different people in different ways. A female friend might offer the information one day while the two of you are chatting. A male friend probably will not want to admit he uses toys. You will have to tell a story about your experience with sex toys to make him feel comfortable first. Relatives may be too nervous about their stories getting out, so you would have to promise not to inform Aunt Margaret of their interest in naughty toys.

The Bottom Line

Go ahead and give someone a sex toy as a gift. If you feel that the relationship you have with the person warrants it, then the results of giving such a gift will be positive. That person may thank you later. The worst that will happen is that everyone will get a laugh, and you will be remembered as a very unique gift giver.