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Are You Up to Speed With Sex Toy Trends?

  • 2 min read

Have you ever found yourself in line to purchase a new piece of technology, like a smartphone or tablet, only to discover that the person behind you is carrying the same product, only three generations ahead of yours? Did you ever think that same thing would happen at the adult toy store?

The sex toy industry is growing and evolving almost as fast as Apple releases iPhones. New trends in adult toys are constantly emerging that set the bar for pleasure higher and higher. If you want to avoid looking like an old fogy, standing in line with your archaic, phallic-shaped vibrator, read on to find out about some of the latest sex toy trends that are pushing boundaries and curling toes.

Porn-star branded devices
Ladies, have you dreamed of being satisfied by James Deen’s monster package? Well, now you can! At least, you can get the next best thing. Doc Johnson has an entire collection of James Deen-inspired toys, including a lifelike, 8.9 inch replica of the star’s penis. Did we mention it vibrates?

The sex toy industry hasn’t forgotten its male demographic. The Fleshlight brand has also hopped on this train, with an entire line dedicated to the replication of popular actress Lisa Ann’s delicate lady bits.

Luxury lines
Some companies have noticed that more style-savvy ladies were less than pleased with most of the sex toy industry’s cheaply packaged, less attractive products. That’s why companies like Lelo and Jimmyjane have been developing toys with style as well as functionality in mind.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your current anal toy, and would like something more aesthetically pleasing to put in your behind, check out Jimmyjane’s Form 4 vibrator, with its deep, Barry White-like vibrations and sleek design. Or, for a more futuristic feel, you might be interested in Luxotiq’s Lyssa glass dildo. It looks like something from space, but it does the trick.

High tech, low profile
One of the biggest issues with sex toys is that some products, no matter how useful, lack discretion, which is a major problem for many buyers. A new trend we’re seeing develop is the popularity of high tech sex toy gadgets that, upon a first glance, wouldn’t register to most people as a sex toy.

For instance, the Hello Touch by Jimmyjane looks more like an MP3 player than a pleasure product. It’s a finger vibe, with two pods that sit on the fingers, and it’s controlled by a panel that sits in a wrist pouch.

Or, for a truly high tech experience, Lelo has actually developed motion sensing sex toy technology over the years in the form of their SenseMotion Insignia couples’ massager line. You can control vibration intensity via a wireless remote from up to 12 meters away, giving a whole new meaning to “hands free”!