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Using Sex Toys During Sex: Everything You Need to Know

  • 2 min read

Are sex toys necessary during sex? While you can certainly enjoy a fulfilling sex life with nothing but one another, sex toys can deepen and enhance your erotic connections in amazing ways.

If you're unfamiliar with sex toys, the idea of using them - especially with a partner - can seem a little intimidating. Common concerns include worries over the toys becoming more interesting than one another, using sex toys incorrectly, or experiencing a decrease in intimacy due to using sex toys. Thankfully, these are all generally misplaced fears: adult novelties help to enhance lovemaking and foreplay, not take it over! If you're looking to add a little battery-operated pleasure to your bedroom, here are a few tips for getting started:

1) Discuss, or at least "feel out" your partner's attitudes towards sex toys. Many relationship issues start with a miscommunication, and springing a sex toy on your partner without a little discussion first can really sour a sexy mood.

2) Start small. Try out 'beginner sex toys' before exploring the vibrating bells and whistles. This will help both of you get acquainted with a little enhancement at your own pace. Small bullet vibrators, vibrating cock rings, and even non-explicit "toys" like massage implements and the oils and lotions that go with them are excellent for stimulating the senses and building excitement for things to come.

3) Don't be afraid to build a collection. Shopping for, testing and "breaking in" new sex toys is a fun and rewarding way to encourage intimacy and romance. While surprises are fun, don't be afraid to get your partner in on the act when you're eager to find a new toy to try.

4) Some adult toys might not be your thing - and that's ok! The reason that using sex toys or trying new sex positions is called experimentation is because it often takes a little exploration to find the right match. If you or your partner don't dig a new toy as much as you anticipated, don't get're simply that much closer to finding the perfect sex toy for your needs!

Sex toys aren't an absolute necessity for enjoying mind-blowing sex, but they make the journey to satisfaction a hell of a lot more fun. In addition, trying out your new toys solo may even help you discover new ways to reach the big O - and that's a win-win no matter which toys appeal to your tastes. Try out a new couples' sex toy today!