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The Possible Breakthrough in Anti Aging (NASA)

  • 2 min read

Sometimes, getting older is the pits. Gravity takes body parts and drops them several inches lower, hair turns grey or falls out completely, and no amount of open-mindedness can let us understand the purpose of twerking. Or is it tweeting?

Whatever. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could take back all those years and enjoy looking and feeling like a youngster again? Well, as it turns out, NASA is working on that very thing.

How it Works
The experiment itself is simple. NASA has employed the help of two astronauts who happen to be identical twin brothers. One of them will stay on Earth while the other is sent to live on the International Space Station for exactly one year, orbiting the earth at 17 thousand miles per hour. Scientists plan to study the physical effects of space travel on the human body by focusing on several different biological processes, such as the how the immune system responds to flu vaccinations or how being in space affects cognitive ability.

The most interesting research proposal, however, has to do with the effects of space travel on aging. One study will focus on something called telomeres. These are little caps on the ends of your chromosomes that prevent them from deteriorating, and it has been proposed that exposure to cosmic rays in space speeds up aging by causing the telomeres to shorten. However, the twin paradox theory suggests the opposite: that the twin who travels in space should actually age in reverse, according to the theory of relativity. The twin traveling through space is moving at an accelerated rate relative to his brother, so he would experience the effects of time at a slower rate.

How It Applies to Earthlings
As fascinating as this experiment is, it’s very unlikely that we’ll see any sort of advances in medicine or technology in our lifetime that can replicate the effects of space travel while here on Earth. And, should NASA discover that space travel can reverse aging, they probably won’t be shooting youth-seekers into space on a regular basis.

However, your quest to feel younger shouldn’t end just because you aren’t an astronaut. There are plenty of ways to reclaim your youth here on the ground, and they’re much less expensive than renting a rocket ship. Exercise, clean eating, and a healthy sex life are all excellent ways to stay in shape and feel great about yourself.

Of course, aging can take quite a toll on your libido, but there are ways to work around that. Being over the hill doesn’t mean you should resign yourself to a sexless future. The sex toy industry is constantly developing ways for everyone, no matter their age or circumstances, to enjoy sex and all of its perks.

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So, until you find yourself hurtling through space and time on your way to a younger mind and body, consider using sex toys and other products to revisit your youth.